Insight into eternity – the ‘always so’ – the ‘already so’.

It is, as we say, important to remember, that words are all learned (or second hand) and that words are accompanied by a common agreement, an agreement of assigning particular meaning onto those words. It is also important to remember that the reader, in this case of reading the post, it is the reader who assigns meaning upon these words.  This happens so quickly, usually, that we are not even conscious of this assigning of meaning.  We all automatically assume that the meaning has been injected into the written material.  To be sure, a meaning is implied but there is no guarantee that the meaning is delivered intact.  Certain kinds of uncommon text may assist in recalling a recognition that the immediacy of cognition is the primary factor.  The mind may pause unexpectedly for no apparent reason.  Some label that as a moment of self-remembering.  No words can describe it.


Nisargadatta:  “The body is food for the consciousness”.   He calls it the food body.

Remember that the body is not separate from the wholeness.  The body is actually all inclusive.  No centre and no circumference.  The body and the world are one and the same.  All there is, is consciousness.  Consciousness and awareness are not separate. Two aspects of this singularity.

The body is consciousness as well as naturally being an instrument through which consciousness functions.  Not two.  The impressions and sensations are registering spontaneously and have no duration.  Cease to follow thought for a few moments and recognise the duration-less actuality – the uninterrupted experiencing does not pause for experiences!  It is very subtle and that is why it is missed by most.  

Consciousness is ever-fresh.  So, it appears that each moment is fresh food for the consciousness.  Without the impressions and sensations the body would not be able to function as we are instinctively accustomed. Deprivation of sustenance (air, water, food, impressions, sensations) leads to the disintegration of the organism.  

The assumption of, or non-investigation of, the habit, the continued identification with the image of self (mind imagining) and with the body (my body), the dualistic aspects of that relationship follow each other like two dancing partners.  The fixation upon this apparent entity is composed of image-ing, a simple fixation upon a complex series of unquestioned patterns of beliefs….. and that image-ing, which is transparent, is superimposed over the actuality, thus ‘creating’ an obscuration to the natural clear seeing, due to the fixation upon the image-ing.    Got it?

The seeing, the actual seeing, remains unobscured but what the mind translates the seeing into is relatively chaotic due to the influx of ever more forms of identification with pre-conceived notions.  It is all about ‘me’.  Self-centredness.  

The fluctuating states of mind give the impression of unstable identity.  The identified states of mind are unstable because they change constantly.  Mistakenly we look for answers in the mind regarding our true nature.  For practical purposes, there are plenty of answers in the mind, so it seems, but all of them are only relatively conclusive. Regarding the search for our true nature, the dance of questions and answers goes on and on leading nowhere – but who notices that?  Who is asking the questions?   If it is not our true nature asking, then who or what is?

Where is the seeing taking place?  Can you actually find a particular place where the seeing is happening?  Can you find the see-er?

Seeking, seeking, seeking.  Never finding, just seeking.  What is the point?What is the basic bondage for seekers of truth?  It seems that through belief in being a separate entity, being identified with body and so-called mind we are seemingly locked into an unsolvable, unresolvable complexity – we add concepts onto that which is non-conceptual, pure awareness…… and then we go about trying to modify the consciousness.  We add concepts to support belief and we try to remove concepts that do not support belief.  Belief is not the actual.  We collect ‘beautiful concepts’ like butterflies – and we pin them to our conceptual trophy wall.  Dead concepts and beliefs limit the believed in entity.  Ignorant ‘teachers’ encourage seekers to meditate, use methods and practices that only keep the seeker bound.  What is amazing is that no one seems to notice.  We are encouraged into slavery to a system of ‘trying to achieve’ a pre-conceived paradigm in the mind and body and at every point we are ignoring the natural state – the natural perfection of ‘what is’.  Those who are bound into ignoring their true nature respond very typically to this news with resistance, a ‘No!’ Rejection of the clear and obvious, the actual present evidence, in favour of an imaginary realm of hopeful acquisitions – is all about ‘me’.  It is all self-centredness.  Who is that seeker of truth?  Isn’t it a lie?

As a believed in seeker, we are inadvertently and unwittingly (through ignoring our true nature) seduced by ideals and empty promises about a fanciful notion, a fictional ‘more’ and ‘better’ consciousness.   Enlightenment is the great ‘catch phrase’ – the Big Hook that hoodwinks almost everyone who hears about it.  We, as a nation of fools, fall for the advertisements over and over again. Then we give it the title of ‘awakening’.

There cannot be any more consciousness than there already is.

Put on some favourite piece of music and notice how a sense of order or sense of integration follows.  We feel more integrated.  The order of the music influences the brain. The body is energy.  Nothing exists in isolation.  In the appearance of things, the body needs energy from outside of the body in the form of food.  Sustenance! 

That which is aware of everything is beyond the senses.  Pre-sense. Presence.  The sense of presence is a very subtle sense, prior to the translating mind.  ‘Can’t find the words’ is very often the case when attempting to describe the actuality.

No one can define what awareness is.  Or consciousness.  Or anything really.

The definition is never the described.

The sense of ‘always so’ is due to the unchanging nature of reality.  The sense of always so appears to come and go.  It appears to rely on thoughts about it.  “Oh Yeah” is a response to that ‘always so’.

The ‘always so’ is not a subject.  So it is not subjected to anything.  If it were, it would change with each newly arrived influence.

The totality remains the totality.  All inclusive.  It is beyond states.  

One without a second means that you are that totality.  ‘Not even one’ is the cruncher pointer.

You are THAT.


The lack of attention, which is a common feature with so many today, is one of the chief causes for confusion.  Being distracted by the first thing that comes along is extremely common.  Many try to hide their confusion and attempt to get lost in devotion or mimicry but hiding is not useful.

No one knows the future.   No one!

Despite what so many imply through their ‘teachings’ the ‘reality is’ THAT, which is the already so!  No one can teach that and there is no need to teach that.  It is not a matter of learning.  It is your true nature – the ‘always and already so’.  It has nothing to do with becoming.  The mind is seduced by concepts about ‘becoming’ and becoming never arrives at being.

Becoming is an implication. Being is the ‘already so’.  

The only time there is, is now and ‘now’ is just a word that implies time.  Time is an appearance, a concept about change.  Eternity is a word that points at the unchanging totality of timelessness.  That is the ‘I am’.  Naked awareness.

Nothing to do.  Nowhere to go.  Nothing to get.

In the scheme of things ‘Maya’ employs everyone.  The spiritual teachers are working for Maya. 

The subtle concepts that hook seekers in all the modern teachings always imply a someone who can do something in order to get something.  Trying to get what is ‘already so’ is a kind of madness.    

Imagine for a moment, you are sitting in your favourite chair in your home shouting ‘I want to go home’.   Your family would naturally be concerned about your mental health. If you kept it up, they would soon arrange for you to be accommodated somewhere ‘safe’. They wouldn’t want to catch whatever bug you appear to be suffering from.  

The revelation of pure insight is the emptiness of emptiness – and that is where you are seeing from, minus the ‘you’.  No reference point or fictional identity!  

Take the labels off everything and ‘what is’ is clear and obvious.  The neediness of the me is bound to reveal itself.  It is significant to recognise that you are present prior to the arising of the idea of me.  As a young child there was no idea of ‘me’ or ‘not me’.  Belief in words introduces an induction onto a realm of labels, words and conflict.  Words are not bad or wrong.  Words can serve very well.  Belief in words, as though they have some substance of their own is the error.  Use words wisely.  Mean what you say and say what you mean.

We add concepts onto the non-conceptual awareness and then go about trying to remove them with belief in some other concepts.  Round and round it goes. Cease to follow thought and let the thought be free to come and go.  That is a key pointer.  Unfortunately, so it seems, very clear pointers are the ones that go straight over the heads of ‘seekers’.

The so-called problem is, as Bob Adamson points out……”It is not that we a dull or stupid……it is simply that we ignore our natural state”.

  1. It is noted that the more information that is imparted to seekers, the more their delusions turn into sophisticated deviations away from the simplicity of being.
    Curiosity killed the cat. Too much knowledge blocks the simplicity of what is.
    However, I would suggest that if this post does not challenge the ‘average reader’ on several fronts, then it is pointless to read it. If you are beyond the ‘me’ being challenged, then there is no need to read it.

    Note:There are several points that could be said about the body or bodies but the obsessive nature of the intellect would only make a complete mess of that ‘knowledge’.  The old biblical saying ‘Cast not your pearls before swine’ is completely valid.  You may have noticed there is a lot of spiritual madness around.  Some spiritual folks are definitely candidates for the Luny Bin and they get that way because the ego tries to use knowledge for itself.

  2. We all meet folks who attend satsang and look like they attend satsang constantly. They stand out like poodles in a rat pack. They remind me of the french revolution. The spoiled aristocracy waiting unknowingly for the guillotine. If these fancy spiritual characters could actually see how ridiculous they are, they might get a suitable shock and wake from their special dream. The absurd way they dress is enough to make you laugh or cry. The precious voice they use. The absurd posturing and the crude imitation of ‘an enlightened one’ is so outrageous it is a wonder that others can keep from laughing their heads off. ‘I am so special’. Yeah, we can see how special you are and how deluded you are. Sideshow alley candidates are all the same.