Infinite Sky – no limits

Blue Skies lookin at me 1

The smallest contains the largest, just as the smallest fraction of time contains eternity.

No boundary, no centre, no circumference, no point, no line – no thing.

Life expresses itself as dualism.  

The appearance of two, where there is only one.

Life is not a simplistic ‘black or white’, ‘either or’ set of limitations.  

Life is neither ‘right or wrong’.  

Life is.  

These posts are not meant to be some kind of gospel truth.  They are merely an expression, spontaneously written.  Not important or special in any way.  You are not expected to believe anything written here.  Believe it or not, it won’t make the slightest difference.

All content of mind is transient.  The known is ‘past’ while the knowing is ever-present and beyond any limitations ‘from duality’.   A reflection in a mirror is an automatic feature of the nature of the mirror, not something separate from the mirror.  The reflection has no independence and no volition of itself.   Our behaviour is composed of clusters of automatic reflexes which imply an apparent volition and directives  coming from a believed in ‘entity’.  That kind of information doesn’t sit well with our beliefs and so, it is far too confronting for most to acknowledge or accept that it may even be true.

The display of duality or dualism is a display (of phenomena).  What appears to be is not what is.

From the perspective of duality (mind) all influences or ‘forces’ in life have an equal in opposite.

All is vibration.  Primary vibration is ever-fresh and un-diminishing.  A string on a violin vibrates back and forth, it beats against the air and the result is sound.  The atmosphere is the medium of resistance.  Sound is the equalising factor.

Man has conceived of a ‘source’ or ‘god’ through the facility of the intellect (mind).  The original spontaneous movement of mind is non dual, ever fresh and the infinitely spontaneous never actually repeats itself, except as an appearance of apparent independent patterns (which are finitely similar or differentiated).

Energy is not something that we can see directly.  Life is not something we can see directly.

A rainbow appears in the sky due to a source of light (the sun), which is behind the observer.  The light is refracted at approximately 42 degrees off droplets of water.  Colourful beams of light are refracting off the internal rear curved surface of the rain drops.  The rainbow has no specific place in the sky.  It is not a static thing.  It is the appearance of a curved display of colours and is in direct relation to the observer – an apparent point in space and time.  Space and time are relative.  Each observer sees a different rainbow (different light beams) although it appears to be the same rainbow.  The so-called world is similar – each observer sees a different world although it appears to be the same world.  This does not mean that there are many different worlds.  Perceptions differ.  The world is an appearance, similar to a rainbow.  The world appears in what you are.

Light passing through deep space is invisible.  Only when the light touches an object or an atmosphere does it reveal some observable qualities.  The composition of whatever is illuminated (object or atmosphere) determines the colours that display themselves.  Example: An apparent red object absorbs all the other colours except red, which is reflected off the surface. The frequency of vibrations of the material obviously play a role in the colour response (reflex).  All these theories can be investigated.  Relative truth is obviously relative.  Relative to what?  The rainbow is a rainbow no matter what theory you impose and support as a belief.  Belief is never the actual.

The world we see is infinite in every detail.  Never repeated.  Infinitely diverse and yet one in essence.  The illusion of the world is impenetrable. You cannot get behind the appearance with the intellect.  What you are is prior to the appearance of so-called phenomena.  Words cannot describe where the seeing is ‘happening’.  

Language limits the world we think we see, through belief in words.  What is actually displayed is wordless and is not what we think it is, in terms of language.  

“The word is not the thing” (Bob Adamson).  

Fixating upon being a separate entity blocks reception of ‘pointers’.  Test everything for yourself.  See for yourself.  There is no other alternative!

Insights are wordless.

Buddha is reported to have said… “With our thoughts we make the world”. If this is so, who will you complain to about your own world?  The world you see and the world you perceive may be very different.  How can you know the difference without investigation?  

There is no answer in the mind” (Bob Adamson).  You can’t solve it through thinking about it!

Would the world be different if you had no labels to put onto ‘things’?

Many believe in a ‘god’.  The concept… ‘God created everything’ is reduced to an absurdity when we judge things to be good or bad or evil. The judgment is a limited point of view, in dualistic mind.  Denial of this is due to ignorance and a fixation.  Who can criticise what god has created? A mere mortal man?

When man conceived of a god, through the dualistic nature of mind, the opposite is conceived also, the devil.

Where is god?  In Heaven?  Where is the devil?  In Hell?  Polar opposites! Isn’t it so very obvious that it is all concepts?  A concept cannot stand on its own.  Remove belief and a concept will collapse.  It is all energy.

These concepts of god and/or devil, heaven and/or hell represent the polar opposites of mind.  Each is an image, a word, a belief in ‘something’ that cannot be seen directly.

William Shakespeare writes a line in one of his plays: “There is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so”.

What is your basic attitude towards life?   A relatively healthy attitude? Predominantly negative?… always complaining or seeking something better? Predominantly positive?… always tediously trying to look on the bright side of life?   Is it a choice that you make?  Is it?

Without a shadow of a doubt, is your attitude something stable and unchanging?  What is it, about you that does not change?

The entire manifestation is an appearance of constant change. There is in fact nothing static in the universe.  To deny this fact is to adhere to some kind of belief.  All of our beliefs are changing every moment.  Clinging to belief in the face of undeniable facts that contradict those beliefs is due to a fixation, an attitude.  An attitude is never something beyond the influences of change. Change your attitude and the world changes.  Surely you must know this by now!

That which changes cannot be real, except as an expression, as phenomena and all phenomena is changing constantly.  Watch the clouds and see if you can say with total conviction… “they are not changing!” 

You cannot move a finger, lift an arm or take a step without the life energy that animates your body.  The body is energy and not separate from what animates it.  There is an impartial nature to life and a self preservation instinct, which is beyond the capacity of the intellect to direct or conduct. The body is composed of the elements, earth, air, fire, water and space. The body requires all the elements to be present and active.  A corpse has all the organs and parts that a living body has.  It cannot ‘do’ anything.  It cannot walk, breath, think, say or believe anything.

It is the life energy that animates the whole.   Are you apart in anyway shape or form?

Take a moment to appreciate the essence of life.  Realise that without it, you are nothing.  Realise that you are that life, that light of consciousness and realise that what you truly are is not limited by the appearance of things, the apparent nature of phenomena.  (Some) Phenomena is observable but that which animates it all, remains (forever) hidden.

Some call it Self.  Some call it God.   Some call it Nature.   The original nature of all things is ‘vibration’, prior to the formation of words (vibrations) which are added onto the original nature.  Empty mind is the medium, like the sky is the medium for clouds, birds, rain and storms.  The original, the ‘wordlessness’ (non-conceptual awareness) is boundless.  The bondage of self is a belief, which is composed of word and secondary images.

Realise that every word that we put upon it (Life) is only a transient vibration.  Nothing to cling to.  


It does not matter what you call it.   Respect it with all of your being.

Life.  Without it, you are nothing.  You ARE life, not as a thing…. but as no thing.

‘People’ seek enlightenment and get obsessed with an imagined process of becoming.  This conception of ‘being enlightened’ is the simplest ‘way of being’.   A simple instruction can dispel all the apparent obstacles to enlightenment.   The ‘problem’, so common to everyone is the contriving mind.   It is a simple matter to stop the contriving mind.  What is required is a conviction of being.  

‘Cast not your pearls before swine’.  The persona, the believed in entity is an image, a concept and so it is not capable of hearing anything, least of all a simple instruction.  The persona appears to be totally disinterested in its own removal.  It does not need to be removed.  It just needs to be understood.

A clear messenger does not need to preach or seek out followers.   A clear messenger has no need of building a spiritual empire, no need of an accountant or a safe for keeping the ‘profits’ of ‘telling spiritual lies’.

Water finds it’s own level.  Those who have a living possibility of casting off their limited points of view will always find their way.  Spontaneously emerging from the shroud of separation without any intervention from some ‘other’ being is the pathless path.  Being emerges from non-Being.  This is called Life.

The reflection in a mirror cannot know the mirror.   The dream of separation is called maya and the entire world is the dream.  The dream character cannot wake up.  It is the dream.



“There is only Life – no one ever lived a life” – Nisargadatta

  1. No questions appear in the comments (usually). No ground for any question is provided. Self-centred-ness is exposed. The silence at the end of a song is the dawn of bliss – non conceptual awareness, which has no beginning or end in reality.

  2. There is no question about being. You know that you are. The believed in persona is insecure simply because it has no being. The high maintenance task of keeping the persona intact through emotive feedback is just a form of anxiety. Low level or high level anxiety is anxiety. The stimulus varies and the perceived level of anxiety responds accordingly. Who is anxious? Being is not anxious. The believed in entity appears to be afraid of being exposed. No matter how much energy you believe you pour into keeping the entity intact, every night you go to sleep, it disappears. All that ‘work’ amounts to zilch.

  3. What is your narrative about your journey? Have you ever left the present in actuality? Learning to live in the now is all about a fictional character that comes and goes. Whatever comes and goes cannot be real. So, who is this spiritual entity that so many believe that they are?