In Sight – its value.

Reply to an email from someone I have been ‘working with’ after a spontaneous insight. The question was asking if it was a good thing or not:
“From what you have described, I would say that the insight ‘happened’ while the mind was actively trying to find something called ‘I’.  It is a good sign that things are going well. But the attachment to the minds constant translation needs to be cut through or seen through – not by any ‘ego’ impulse but by SEEING itself.

In-seeing is happening all the ‘time’ but ‘we’ usually stay stuck to the me point of view, thus ‘we’ miss the clean view. The Open View is always present AS presence itself.

The insight is timeless seeing-knowing. The mind is time. Due to a strong sense of me, the mind unwound itself as a sense of deeper and deeper. There is NO deeper…..everything IS as is…..ONE. No layers….only seeming layers………and that seeming layers is due to the reference point ‘me’ or ‘I’.

This is a good ‘event’ and it spontaneously appeared. It was not contrived by mind……which is the usual trap….contrived spirituality.

What is required now, is just to be open. Let the feeling be as it is. Be thought free as often as possible. The mind will put labels on the feelings – SEE that …..Don’t buy into it!

It is encouraging to hear about your experience……..but it is not ‘your’ experience………..the key is the experiencING….which is un-interrupted.

You are fortunate to be resonating with some clear pointing. Most reject it automatically. The mind ‘reasons’ itself out of really SEEING what is true and then calls it ‘I am on a sacred Path’.  The Path is a fiction of mind.

That old habit is falling apart…..and insights ‘happen’ more frequently as a ‘result’.

SEE that the search never actually started! Right NOW is all there IS. Mind is time so there will be no answer in it, just endless unfolding of more and more concepts.”

– Gilbert.