In a nutshell – direct pointing

A pattern, whether it be the universe, a thought, a state of being, an idea, a mood, a gesture, a movement, a sensation in the body or a gentle breeze upon the skin, it is all an appearance, appearing on awareness – is awareness in expression.  Can you get behind awareness?
There is a clear insight that is always present potentially.  Expressed in words it may appear like this: There is no capacity of knowing, no capacity of cognition in the pattern itself – there is no substance or indepedent nature in the pattern.  Just like the reflection in the mirror has no capacity to do anything or see anything, so it is with the entire appearance of ‘matter’.
The pattern that you are so familiar with called you is an appearance only. What knows it?   You cannot know what you truly are as an object.  The closer you try to get to it the more it recedes.  Yet it is the actuality, the actual activity of seeing-knowing.   That is very obvious without thinking about it.
Of course, it must be what you are.
The salient point is this: The pattern, ALL patterns, APPEAR in the SEEING-KNOWING.
There are NO exceptions whatsoever.
If you can clearly ‘get that’ without further contemplation, then the message is done with – you realise you are already complete as you are.
All other messages will be unnecessary. Confirmation will come naturally from the immediate experiencing in unexpected ways.
Experts will argue about it all into the late hours, with no result, except exhaustion.
I say ‘let them’ do whatever they imagine that they are doing. What concern is it of mine?  They refuse to take delivery of the clear and precise pointers – preferring to ‘talk about it’ endlessly – in order to give their image of self some apparent substance – an Expert Substance – very very special ‘person’.
Be quiet and SEE.
The most well know ‘investigator of the self’ was the historical figure we know of as the ‘Buddha’.
The word ‘Buddha’ simply means ‘awake’.
The core of his message was ‘there is no self’.   That simple pointer is all one needs.  The rest of Buddhism can be thrown away.
But it requires a true investigation of ‘self’ and a recognition that there is no self.
This insight is naked seeing – un-mediated knowing. No medium.  No separation.
The instrument through which awareness appears to happen, the body/mind is NOT separate from awareness.
Samsara and Nirvana are one.
It is all an expression of awareness.
Awareness is not an event – it does not ‘happen’ – it does not come and go – everything that appears to ‘happen’ in awareness or on awareness is a movement – this can be called ‘consciousness’.
Consciousness and Awareness are not two different ‘things’. The eye through which seeing takes place is not the naked seeing itself – the eye cannot see.
The ear through which the hearing takes place is not the naked hearing itself. The ear cannot hear.  These ‘things’ are merely instruments. The body is not ‘what you are’ – it is an expression of what you are.  The body cannot do anything at all without the life energy that animates it.
Do you contemplate this factor – it will stop the mind and the ego sense will evaporate.
There is an awareness of the body just as there is an awareness of the content of mind. One may say ‘this is my body’ – ‘these are my thoughts’. The puzzling question is ‘who’ or ‘what’ is it that owns these ‘things’?   If these things were real you would be able to state quite categorically what they are, without a single doubt.  But faced with a question about the identity the mind twists and turns trying to find an answer.  Why?  Is it because it is all conceptual……locked away in memory?
In looking for an ‘owner’ of this awareness called me or in dropping all the concepts that arise about such an owner, one discovers a spaciousness. It is not an empty void – it is full of ‘knowing presence’. On further investigation, one finds that this activity of knowing, does not actually have any substance of itself at all.
It is completely empty of all concepts, including ‘time’.
This naked seeing, this clarity of cognition is forever instant – it is timeless present.
Our belief in cause and effect loses its meaning without the concept of ‘time’, which is ‘duration’.
When did ‘this moment’ of observing start?
Every phenomenal ‘event’ is like a link in a chain and not one of them can be exclusively called a cause or an effect. Thinking and meaning cannot be separated. In the usual sense, it is as though each ‘event’ is both cause and effect – or in common physics terms, both are, at one moment a wave and the next moment a particle. At the core of all substances lies ‘the constant’, empty space. Each minute particle is suspended in space. A scientist may attempt to convince you that space is made up of very small ‘things’ or even ‘strings’ (String Theory) but such particles, no matter how small they are, they must be suspended in empty space after all is said and done, where else could they be?
Where are you in all this? Isn’t it true that what you are is a mystery for the mind? Are you the particles or the con-science? The origin of the word ‘science’ means ‘knowing’. ‘Con’ means ‘together’.
Omniscience is ‘All Knowing’ or ‘All Intelligence’.
What you truly are is one being – one knowing – one awareness – space-like in its nature. It is easily recognized that this clear and empty space-like awareness contains no separation – no duality whatsoever.
That knowing, which has never ceased, is not divided into parts (space-volume) or into fragments of ‘time’ (duration). It is indeed one without a second. All that appears in this ‘space of knowing’ may well ‘appear’ as ‘parts’ but each one of them is contained by the unity, the wholeness, in that space-like awareness, which by its very nature is all inclusive. Everything that you have ever perceived has appeared nowhere else than in this space-like awareness that you are.
All arguments for or against this or about anything at all, must appear in that space-like awareness.
What is the axis of your being? Is it not that constant presence, within which everything moves? The whole universe actually appears in that knowing that you are. The habit of taking oneself to be a limited creature is not necessary and in stepping beyond those limitations of mind, we discover something most extraordinary. Something beyond belief. Pure Knowing – No Thing.


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  1. Of course there is nothing to say. It is all obvious. How can so much be said about the obvious. Well it seems that most talk about everything else. Amusing no?