Imaginary points of view – Perception.

All of our problems revolve around two assumptions.

They are IDENTITY…..


If you investigate either of these concepts it may reveal something that has eluded you for a long time.

That is if we entertain the idea that ‘time’ has some real qualities – but that is another question.

Since we are talking about Non Duality – ONE without a second, so any identity must be that ONE.

Since there is only ONE, there is no ‘other’ to compare it with, except in the appearance of ‘things’ (perception).

Mind projections are not excluded but they need to be disregarded in this investigation.

Since there is only ONE, then whatever is seeing must be that ONE.

Any idea about this seeing must be a concept – and all concepts appear and disappear. The ONE which is SEEING remains constant.

Now, if we investigate the concept of BOUNDARY what can be found apart from concepts and mind projections?

Example: The boundary between the Ocean and the Land cannot be found as a distinct ‘thing’. The Water penetrates the land and the land penetrates the Ocean. All boundaries are relative assumptions.

So, when looking for the boundary between ‘I’ and ‘not I’ we may come to SEE that the concept of separation is merely a common belief, one that has no distinct delineation, except as a perception. All impressions and perceptions are of the mind. The idea of ‘me’ or ‘I’ is harmless on its own.

It is what we add to these ideas that seem to cause so much trouble. All that can be added to these ideas, is more ideas, experiences and apparent conditions of being this or that.

BEING is not this or that. There is only ONE BEING, which contains all there IS.

Investigate these ‘things’ and SEE for yourself. There is no point in taking anyones word for being reality.

See for yourself – there is no other way.

  1. I would like to say…
    “Mind projections are not excluded but disregarded.” Awareness is open to arising mind stuff and at the same time disregards it…Awareness is neither shutting out thoughts nor clinging to them. With neither aversion nor attachment to thoughts, awareness is undisturbed by thoughts.
    Awareness is free, effortlessly free, from the misery generated by thought.
    Thank you for the pointing in this post— words that have cleared the words from the mind in this moment.

    Gilbert replies: Sometimes things are expressed with a slight error – which gives intelligence a seeming chance to detect the error, which brings a conviction. Knowing is all there IS.

  2. It seems that all there is is all there is.