Imaginary knowledge of self

Affirmations are popular with many because it is a form of self-hypnosis.  It appears to work for a short time until ‘the shit hits the fan’ again.

A man panning for gold might find some small grain size pieces in the first few days of his search.  Those grains will keep him panning for weeks and months filled with a dream, a hope of finding a lot of gold.  Seekers in the spiritual circles will go for decades with nothing but a dream and hope.   Even when faced with devastating odds, they can’t give up the dream.  All the while their true nature is with them, unnoticed, unacknowledged.  It never dawns on them that they may be looking in the wrong direction.  All directions are leading away from being to some hypothetical new state through ‘becoming’.  Becoming is NEVER the actuality of right here, right now.  Reality is not in time, not tomorrow, yesterday or even today.  The closest you can get to reality is this immediacy, this immediacy of this living consciousness, right here, right now.  How could it be anywhere else?

The ‘reason’ so few recognize what is being pointed to is because of unreasonable belief in imaginary knowledge of self.

Looking for an answer in the mind is the problem.  Mind is maya, mind is time, mind is appearance.

The natural state is not a state of mind.  It is the intelligence we call ‘being’.

Mind is ‘becoming’.   Belief in process contradicts ‘oneness’.  Why would oneness need do go through some process (time) to become what it already is?   Being is being.  There is no becoming in being, just as there is no duality in non duality.

Oddly enough, these things can be pointed out over and over and it does not register.  Why?   Because everyone is watching from the mind’s perspective.  Mind reacts automatically and that reaction is called ‘me’.  No one suspects that that ‘me fixation’ is the main feature of why they are trying to become something other than what they are.

Therefore, the possibility of getting through to seekers is impossible.  The impulse must come from the innate knowledge of true being, no matter how covered over it seems to be.