We cannot imagine what it could mean to not exist.

Non existence is no thing. This is why we cannot realise our true nature (as a thing) – and why we cannot find the self.  

“To lament that we shall not be alive a hundred years hence, is the same folly as to be sorry we were not alive a hundred years ago” – Michel de Montaigne.

Everyone seems to want a method or a practice.  Reality does not practice anything. There is no time to practice in reality.  Everything is perfect as it is, in it’s immediacy.

If you want a simple method, try this:  

With all your attention free from ‘other matters’…..investigate the difference, if any, between imagination and memory.

Memory re-presents your own ‘living past’.

Imagination is conceptual constructs in ‘mind’.

We can imagine a future.

To anticipate, is to image the future. To remember is to image the past.

Nothing can take place outside of the immediacy.

Let the mind be empty, for a moment…… and see everything without words.

Existence and non-existence are two sides of the same coin.

The salient point is: Cognition belongs to neither side.


“There is no duality in Non Duality” – Bob Adamson


Pointing out the clear and obvious requires a kind of assumption that there is someone who does not know something.  Is it true?
On investigation it is found that there are no entities anywhere.
The whole thing is a dream.
Cognition is not in a dream, it is not ‘in anything’.

A dream appears in the sleep state. A different dream appears in the waking state.  In deep sleep there appears to be nothing at all.  Deep peace seems to be experienced in deep sleep.  The ‘psyche’ is resting.
All states of mind have one thing in common – They all come and go.  A cycle of states is our usual experience.  What experiences them all equally?

The definition of reality is that which does not change.
The body appears in consciousness. Consciousness appears in awareness. Awareness appears as a subtle stirring of being.
“To be or not to be” – William Shakespeare
No one consulted you about whether you wanted to be or not. There is no choice and there is no choice maker.
The spontaneous nature of all there is, is beyond the capacity of the intellect.
Every word you use has been learned in the so-called past.
The origin of language is intelligence.
What is the origin of energy?
You cannot move in any way at all, without energy, yet you have absolutely zero knowledge about it.

The intelligence that permitted the learning of language, where is it now?

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  1. Conceptual constructs. Reality is not composed of conceptual constructs, images, imagination
    or memories.
    What do you know for certain about energy?
    No one can see energy. No one can see the wind.
    Where is the intelligence right now?