If a tree falls in the forest

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The entire universe is sensation.  There is nothing like a sensation except another sensation.  You cannot image anything that is not a sensation.

Ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, concepts, memories and images are all sensations.  Imagination is sensation.  You cannot imagine anything that is without sensation.

How does this relate to what is spoken of here on this site.   Well, the question posed in the first sentence is one that challenges what we normally believe, as members of society.  Many pride themselves on ‘self-knowledge’ and do not suspect that it may all just be a mental construct centred around a fictional character (me).

Pointers may resonate in being or they may just sound like dead words.   If the beliefs are fixated upon through ‘unconscious habit’ then the sensations that accompany a direct pointer will not resound clearly.  It will be rejected because the sensation conflicts with the status of belief.   Conflict or interference patterns refuse to blend.  If by some remote chance, on hearing a pointer, there is a merging of sensation in being, then a natural agreement appears.  No conflict of interest.  Some experience an ‘Ah ha’ sensation when recognition resounds through their being.   The ONLY life the recognition has is the instant of registering.  I call it the ‘first and only instant’.  The first and only instant of being is self-knowing awareness – I am That.  

Self-centredness is a constricted sense of me, which actually has NO being at all.   It is commonly ‘marked by’ a sense of being fearful of non-being…. or of simply the ‘me sense’ being disturbed.  Being fearful of non being is nothing but imagination.  You exist and no matter what anyone says, this existence is unquestionable.  Existence need not be questioned – belief is what needs to be investigated and the investigation of the belief in being a separate entity is totally necessary – because it is a foundation-less ground to stand upon.  The true nature of self-knowledge is this living intelligence free of shape or form, free of conditioned mind (belief).   No one can do it for you.

In the scheme of things, the ‘me sense’ does not like to be disturbed.  However, if there is a genuine wish to discover what is true in being, nothing can stand in the way.  Everything is investigated, no matter what.   Amongst the masses a few make investigations from scratch and philosophical theories are born.   In the scheme of things, each apparent individual has the opportunity to investigate the meaning of their ‘personal sensations’ and how that ‘meaning’ can hold together.  Test everything, investigate everything and do not simply accept what others believe.  In knowing the truth, there is no obligation to become a philosopher – nor to become anything.  Being is being.  Becoming is an illusion of mind.

Resonance in being is a master key.  Clearing the mind of confusion is necessary first.  Believing what others say may have some relative value but your own understanding is paramount, totally necessary.  You must KNOW, because a mere belief will not resound for long.  Knowing is an immediate activity, not some time bound belief in mind.  Conviction is ‘knowing what is true’ simply because one is knowingly true in essence.  No separation. Not two.

Echoes of Berkeley might resound on reading the first set of words in this post.

George Berkeley was not one for taking on beliefs as a foundation to live by.  He investigated everything without compromising his religion.  He was made a Bishop late in his life time, long after most of his books were published.

An Irishman born on the 12th of March 1685 near Kilkenny, Ireland.    His main point was that objects don’t exist outside of mind.

The entire universe is sensation.   You cannot postulate anything outside of awareness, nor outside of a conception of this immediate ‘field of sensation’.

The preposterous nature of belief in things that are not real and the assertion of those beliefs in the form of spiritual teaching is an insult to intelligence itself.

  1. Many pseudo teachers complain that the ‘non person’ conversations are somehow ‘bad’ or unnecessary. They don’t want to have to stop talking about their personal stuff, which they imagine is a kind of teaching. Of course, if the ‘personal experience’ is seen through it does not mean you don’t behave the same way as you always did. The only difference is that there is no ‘identification’ with any of it. Identification with being a ‘person’ is the cause of psychological suffering. Deviating into relative nonsense and calling it a teaching is not what the clear message is about. There never was anyone caught in phenomena. It is all appearance. Enjoy it.

  2. I think you have it covered, Gilbert.