Identity, boundary, duration and volume.

All of our problems are due to identity issues and boundary issues.

You will never work it out in the mind.  The more you look, the more it seems that the answer recedes from view.  Stop looking for ways out.   Be what you are.

The mind needs to be understood.

Mind or intellect is mechanical.

Every word you use has been learned.

Intelligence was obviously present prior to language being learned.  One could say that intelligence enables language.  What we miss is the fact that by putting labels onto things and in believing in those labels we inadvertently compose an unsolvable problem for ourselves.  Some call it ‘the bondage of self’.  A cage of beliefs.  The irony of it all is that words have no substance and no power of themselves.

Intelligence, as the activity of knowing does not come and go.  In deep sleep the intelligence is still beating your heart, breathing is happening and cells are being replaced. Just because words are there in the waking state, to be used, does not mean that we have to bind ourselves up with them.  Indulging in the concept of weakness or lacking leads to more of the same.

The mind is a useful tool.  If it uses us, we are then slaves to a mechanical apparatus.

The natural state is wordless and silent.

Out of that wordlessness words spontaneously appear and disappear.  Their apparent duration is an illusion.  Mind is time.  Space and Time are relative.   Without a reference point to measure from, what time is there?

Out of silence sound appears and disappears.  Notice the silence in the instant before you speak and in the instant after the words end.  The loudest sound is swallowed up by silence.  Silence is not disturbed by what appears upon it.  Out of stillness movement appears and disappears.  What is stillness without movement?  What is movement without stillness?

What is relativity?  ‘What’ is relative to ‘what’?  

How can non duality contain any relativity?  The questions go on and on.

The intellect poses questions.  Who wants to know?

Being has no questions and no need of questions.  Being is.


The mind is apparent becoming.  Becoming what?   It is all conceptual.


Questions relate to relativity………is it like this or is it like that? etc.


What is…..IS.  Not ‘what was’ or ‘what will be’….The immediacy of Being. What IS.

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  1. It’s good to be back reading your clear pointers, Gilbert. Thanks so much! 🙂 Lonni