I insist that it is like this.

Many teachers insist that their method works and that one must follow what they instruct ‘to the last letter’. A whole teaching is laid out for everyone to learn.

Learning by rote all the passages and dictates of a teaching is little more than slavery to concepts. There are rare cases where chanting a mantra works. At least it takes the mind away from its disruptive habits. An insight into one’s true nature can happen anywhere and at any time.  In the midst of a martial arts exercise, singing, praying, riding a bike, driving a car, walking in nature or down a busy street. The circumstances are not the kernel of the insight.

In most cases, I would say that the mind stops for whatever reason and a recognition happens. Then again the mind may be in full flight and an insight happens. We cannot pin point any circumstance where something is necessary for an insight to happen.

What can be said is that seeing is happening right now. That is the core ‘element’ of all insight. If the focus ‘pulls back’ from the habit of identifying with the ‘content of mind’, then an insight is happening. What the mind may ‘do with it’ is to translate it into more content of mind and so the insight is gone.

‘Sometimes’ the insight stays and everything that appears is recognized as content of mind.

Now all these words here are just a simple pointing out of ‘something’ that is really not possible to point out, so it seems.

The mind is time. The ‘person’ is not reality. Seeing is happening right now.

Who is identified and with what?

See that there is no one there and that identification is just more thoughts about ‘me’.

There is no me, apart from the thought ‘me’.

So who is it all happening to?