Hiding behind ‘truth’ like a bird with a broken wing

In my experience it is common to hear some folks make excuses for their superior ‘attitude’ by using some ‘ultimate truth’ to hide behind. Learned ‘knowledge’ and the ‘lingo’ belong to the intellect. Intellectual understanding is mechanical – it is not truly understanding at all. Not many recognise this. That learned ‘material’ is not necessary for the original natural state. The ONLY value any ‘knowledge’, method or practice has is in the instant of recognising that is it just a pattern of energy appearing. This recognition takes on many apparent forms but it remains what it is – pure knowing. No one owns pure knowing. It is the very fabric of existence – living-ness itself. ‘You’ as a believed in separate being actually has no being and no capacity of knowing anything at all. (As Bob Adamson points out the following – Like a piece of iron in a fire, the iron takes on the qualities of fire. It gets red hot and can burn just like fire – but take it out of the fire and it cannot do anything of these things) The mind is like the iron – it takes on all the qualities of the original nature – but on its own it can do nothing at all. Belief is not the activity of knowing.

This note contains enough pointing to eliminate erroneous belief. How you use it is not up to ‘you’.

  1. There are thousands of teachers and gurus and most of them will have you believe that they are the only genuine article. Bollocks! Everyone who talks about this ‘stuff’ gets cleaned up via the exchanges and the resistance that shows up. Like a dagger being honed against a stone, the friction brings clarity forward or it gets lost and the dagger goes blunt. Churning milk makes butter. The separation of substances (confused mind) naturally happens and butter appears as if from nowhere. What is left can be determined as waste. The waste will never become butter no matter how much you stir it.

    The resistance is necessary, just as fire is necessary to cook a loaf of bread. Wet flour is not edible.

    So, what value is your superior knowledge if when challenged it falls to pieces, you have to hide away and re-group? If reality does not back up everything that you truly know, then delusional states of mind will take ‘you away’ from what is real. Pretending to know and dependence on learned by rote ‘spirituality’ is worthless. You may impress the ignorant and entertain your own ego for awhile, but you will get thoroughly bored with it and then seek out something to give yourself some pleasure. A seeker is a seeker – never a finder.

  2. Thoughtless inspired professions and Bob Adamson — ironclad pointers as usual.
    Step back non-believers or the rain will never come, someone keep that fire burning, somebody bang the drum. The ever changing substance seeks and may find an existing temporary sustenance, that is the nature of things. Understanding a you has nothing to
    do with any of this, no matter what temporary thoughts appear turns out to be a breath of fresh air, especially if you believe you don’t believe it really is. All kinds of fun.
    Laying all jokes aside, as you know well the answers are not in the mind only the questions are, thanks for the pointings. cheers

  3. If you feel like you’re struggling with this stuff, take heart in my prediction that your understanding is probably deeper than which you’re giving yourself credit.
    Other the past several months I’ve engaged in conversation with various folks who have approached me looking for spiritual information, and they all seemed somewhat ready to start exploring who they are.
    All turned out as disappointments. All maybe had some tiny cracks to begin with, but each discussion with me was followed by a subsequent death-grip on concepts and appearances.
    Some of you have been at this for a decade (or decades) and you have an idea of Consciousness as the basis of appearance, but the body still is a hurdle to overcome in your understanding, or you’re hung up on owning Awareness as an object (this is my awareness because I only know my thoughts, etc.)
    If this describes you, trust me, you are WAY the heck ahead of the game. You might be surprised how rare it is for someone to acknowledge even a half-baked inkling of formless Awareness.
    Also, there are others who are referred to in ridicule who have delved into this stuff and are now doing silly things like refusing to say “I” in their speech or everything they say sounds like parakeet impressions of famous sages. Again, this is pretty bizarre, but I have to say, who would want to do this unless some serious cracks or insights have already appeared?
    These parakeets may sound funny but I can assure you that nobody on the street wants to walk around spouting about how there is no me. They may be totally out to lunch with their understanding, but in comparison to the greater population there’s no contest. Even these parakeets have at least begun to look at who they are. Most day-to-day folks have done nothing beyond trying to make sense of an objective world and figuring out where they can best fit in with this objective world.

  4. Everyone is perfect in being. Being consciousness is all there is. The concept about a me being consciousness is just a concept appearing….and disappearing….while pure being is silent, wordless, perfect as what is. There is no boundary to being and ‘being consciousness’ is not something that one ‘does’. BEING CONSCIOUSNESS. It is not descriptive is it the actuality. Language can be very confusing and pointers that one imagined they understood may ‘transform’ into a naked expression far beyond what was conceptualised ‘yesterday’.

    The market place is not the place for sprouting the message – although it may be heard anywhere at any time in the appearance of things. It ‘sings’ within each atom. Few hear it, only because the mind is jumping from one concept to another ad infinitum.

    Every December the world goes a little mad. The silent, wordless being is untouched. Sometimes it is tasted when singing a Christmas Carol or out in nature. A sunrise or sunset – a tree – a bird. It is always present, as if waiting for consciousness to be conscious of consciousness.

  5. Kimo, There is the Parakeet in me. As understanding registers, the pointings of others comes to mind. Trying to describe what is happening can be difficult when one is new to increased awareness. What this Parakeet must learn is not to sing, at least to early.

  6. Being, the only constant, it is hard to do an adequate cover of this original though Gilbert, John Wheeler & Bob Adamson can belt it out pretty good and although what they sing can not be it, they can surely point to it and you can to, step to the mic
    and knock yourself out. A little impersonal investigation into (what you are) will make it sound even sweeter.

  7. THAT is prior to all conditions of mind. You cannot separate anything from the instant of cognition – this instant is the only instant. What you are, you will never know (as a thing). What you are has never been a thing. All things appear in THAT, as THAT. Forget everything and be.