Here & Now



All there is, is here and now.

Has anyone ever gone beyond the here and now?

You may image that it is so. Based on your own direct experience, have you ever gone anywhere away from Here, Now?

There is no ‘place’ called ‘The Past’ and there is no ‘place’ called ‘The Future’.


There cannot be any more ‘here and now’.

There cannot be any less ‘here and now’.

So, in light of this, what do you need to do to be here, now?

Nothing! Trying to live in the now is conceptual madness.

You are already here, now.

You may have a title, a name attached to your assumed identity. Mother. Father. Son. Daughter. Master craftsman. Zen Master. Priest. Cardinal. Arch Bishop. Minister of the church. Carpenter. Plumber. Electrician. Nurse. Matron.

What name or title can add anything to the actuality of Here, Now?

What about all the ‘things’ you own?

What ‘thing’ can add to the Here, Now?

None whatsoever!

What method or practice do you need to be here and now?


You are present and aware. Spontaneously the answer comes – Yes.

Where is the problem if there is one? Who owns the problem?

In the belief that what is here and now is not good enough… or that ‘I am not good enough’ for the here and now… could that ever be true? You are here, now. Indisputable fact!

In what world are you not good enough or conversely too good for this world?

What is this world we speak of?

The world is an appearance, here and now.

Can you define the world? What words will suffice?

You can try but the effort will fall short because the world cannot be defined conclusively…why?

Because the world is relative. Relative to what? Relative to me.

What is the ‘me’?

Can you define ‘me’ in any conclusive way or manner?

You can jump through conceptual hoops until the cows come home but you will not reach any conclusive or definitive resolution.

The mind will just pattern into ever more patterns. That is what it appears as – an ever changing series of patterns.

It all appears and disappears in the here and now.

Can you actually define consciousness?

Can you actually define awareness?

Can you actually define what you are?

There are no answers in the mind to these questions.

You may argue against what is written here but the only ‘place’ you can do so is ‘Here, Now’. There is no other ‘place’, imaginary or otherwise.


It is good to question everything. See the false as false. Only by seeing through the conceptual framework, that appears to obscure the mind, can the true nature of mind reveal itself – as clarity itself. Clarity does not come and go. It appears to, due to the wandering attention.

Total Clarity remains beyond the realm of words. Words appear and disappear ‘upon it’.

One way of expressing it is ‘The dimensionless nature of here and now’.