Head stuck in a spiritual map

An image of spiritual madness:

Someone who can see clearly is wandering in the mountains and they come across a hundred ‘seekers of truth’ marching along a pathway.  Every single one of these seekers have their eyes glued to a map which they are holding up close to their face.  Obviously the actual territory is obscured and they are not seeing much more than the map.  The well worn path they are on is very clearly leading to a cliff edge, which is within eyesight but no one notices.  The wandering one who sees clearly tries to warn the group but no one pays any heed.  They all have their ears plugged.  Their minds are full of beliefs, anticipation, a dream of arriving at ‘paradise’.   Some of these seekers are totally obsessed and they nudge and push those in front of them in an urgent manner.  One or two who look up from their map notice the traveler who is trying to warn them all….and they unplug their ears to hear what is being said.   These lucky ones, once they hear the warning actually take a look.  Once they see the cliff edge is real, they stop and a choice appears….. join the wanderer in trying to warn the others or stick to self-centeredness and look for another path on the map.

How do you warn anyone who is not willing to listen? How do you get through to someone who ignores the territory and only believes in a mere map?  Ignoring what is real is leading them to their own demise but they refuse to listen to warnings.

The map is never the territory.  Spiritual belief systems are like maps.   If we don’t pay attention to the actuality, to the clear and present evidence, then even the usefulness of a map is meaningless.

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  1. Some will miss the fact that they are just like these map gazers. Being so full of beliefs about ‘spiritual matters’ they miss the beauty of ordinary everyday awareness, the natural being-ness, which is free of psychological suffering. The drama of me only appears to obscure awareness because it is fixated on.