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Extract from eBook:


“It must have been back in 2011 that I first came upon the website of Gilbert Schultz. As a student of non-duality I was immediately drawn to his posts by the very direct way in which he presented the subject of non-duality – not as a teaching or a philosophy, but indeed as the one fact of our existence. I liked his uncompromising stance in this matter as, with each new post appearing on his site, he would be hammering again and again on the essentials regarding non-duality, stripping it of all encrustations and unnecessary belief. And he still does so. His perpetual motto is: Do not seek: See! Here and now!

Over the years, for my own use, I made it a habit to make excerpts of these posts, highlighting those words and passages which I thought to be of particular importance. These texts, with some minor editing, have now been put together in the present e-book, ‘Seeing-Knowing’. It is hoped that the reader will derive as much benefit of these excerpts as I have done.”

– André van den Brink, 2016

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  1. “There is no difference between a buddha and an ordinary being” – ancient text.

    Since wholeness is all inclusive, how can there ever be any boundary of separation? Only in belief is a transparent ‘wall’ erected in the mind. This transparent ‘wall’ loses the energy of belief with each apparent separate insight of wholeness……until belief is overthrown completely.
    Just as a rainbow appears and disappears, belief appears to be real and then vanishes.
    Wholeness has no need of benefit or debt.

    Wholeness is.