Gnosis – Knowing – Presence – Awareness.

Stick with the direct simplicity of immediate knowing. Read on, knowingly, without losing this conscious presence, this ‘I am-ness’.  It can’t be lost.
‘I’ represents the knowing and ‘am’ is the verb ‘to be’ – being. ‘You’ cannot separate the knowing from being. They are One (Gnosis). This simple intent to be conscious of this consciousness is enough, it is effortless presence to what is. If you as a believed in entity ‘try’ to do it, it will fail.  Simply be the SEEING – this formless activity of seeing. Let everything flow, as it does, without wanting to change or alter anything.
Everything changes by itself – that is the nature of ‘things’.
Do not hold onto opinions – ideas for or against anything are only ideas.  If they are believed in they will ‘grow’ into emotions and the clear seeing will appear to dull.
Non Duality is not new age nonsense.  It is not esoteric or old or new age?
Non Duality has no age whatsoever. It is THIS present, this Eternal Moment.
Whether ‘you’ understand it or not makes no difference.
Whether the ‘persona’ is clearly a thin mask or a thick mask, the KNOWING is – and it shines out of every living eye.
Cast the beam of light from your own eye and stop getting involved in what you imagine that someone else sees or knows.
In the appearance of things – everything appears to happen – no one is choosing to make anything happen.
An interview can reveal many things. A website is like the persona.
‘People’ judge ‘persona’ while the essence has nothing to say for its defence.  It is not guilty of anything.
Many so-called Christians get upset around Easter time – isn’t it about your own self? Isn’t the symbolism about your own self – the death of something mortal and the resurrection of the eternal moment of clear and present knowing (Gnosis)?
In the STORY of ME, ‘we’ may get ideas of anything at all.  Those ideas are re-translated through a biased, occupied mind and are instantly added or included into the story as if it were true. The impressions of this activity of ‘adding onto the story’ is so often missed. If we truly could SEE it happening, it would not be able to be misleading.
Do ‘we’ actually choose which impressions register and which impression do not?
The thought ‘I see’ cannot see.
The pattern cannot know itself – the knowing is beyond the pattern.  The pattern appears in the knowing.  The image appears in the seeing.
Because the mind is so closely aligned with pure intelligence, through BELIEF, it, the thought ‘I am’ has come to believe that it is the intelligence.
That ‘point’ is pivotal to understanding ‘our situation’.
This movement of immediate knowing doesn’t go anywhere – it is silent and steady – the thoughts, concepts and ideas that float through this presence are very obviously transient – while what I am is simply and obviously ever-present.  You cannot recall a time when you were not (present).
All you can say is “I don’t remember”. You do not remember being born and you know not death. Life is all there is. There is only One LIFE – THIS is IT.
This singular, One Essence expressing itself just as it is.
Gnosis is knowing.
The ‘message’ about your own true nature is not delivered by ‘someone’ from ‘outside’.
It is simply a re-cognition – unexpected and clean, unattached knowing. It is already present as pure cognition, without thought attachments – Pure ‘Gnosis’.
Knowing cuts through beliefs. This is very obvious, if you simply pay a little attention.
If the mind is fixated in mis-identified consciousness (me), this obviousness is missed.
As with all the major religious texts, the direct pointing is there, for anyone to see.
Most miss it and go on looking for something in the erroneous details of the text adding their own ‘personal’ interpretation – while still looking for something that will support their beliefs.
At any moment our beliefs can be shaken up and when the ‘balls on the table’ get scattered enough, the underlying ‘presence of knowing’ (Gnosis) may make itself unmistakably known (to no entity).
We can get too limited in a fabricated ‘unlimited outlook’.
Those who ‘get’ the message, do not need to come back here. Though they may well do so.