Genuine and thorough investigation

The self-realising principle (I am) requires no words, no sacred text, no doctrine, no system and belief is nowhere to be found.

Some may ask why it seems so difficult to come to a clear understanding of ‘non duality’.

Non duality is not a religion, not a belief system, not something that can be deconstructed. There are no parts and there are no particulars to it. Everything is That. That is everything.

The ‘fact’ that you have to import your ‘self-knowledge’ from memory is a sure sign that it is nothing but imagination.  This salient point is overlooked by everyone, so it seems. How can anyone come to a clear understanding while clinging to false knowledge?  It can’t happen.  It won’t happen.  It is an impossibility.  What is, is what is.  What is does not depend on a past or a future.  It does not depend on a thing called the present.   What is, is the un-namable fact of being.  You cannot negate that. You cannot affirm it or deny it. What is, exists beyond existence and non-existence.  You are not a feature of THAT.  You are THAT, whether you know it or not.

In the scheme of things almost all aspirants are led astray by those who are convinced that they know ‘truth’ in a personal way.  The ‘person’ is not real, so any belief that what is true is known in a personal way is delusion of mind.  It is obvious that these ‘special people’ do not and cannot ever know what ‘understanding’ is.  They obviously do not know the difference between ‘belief’ and ‘knowing’.  All of their sales pitch is based on belief.  This does not mean that they are ‘bad’ or devious.  Many ‘good people’ do appear to have a genuine wish to help others.  Addictive and obsessive behaviour related to religion is highly repellant to the average sane individual.  Being civil towards them is almost always a consideration.  

The ‘missionary’ takes the stand that they are absolutely right…….full of conviction….and they believe that they can save others.  They may well be an innocent individual who has not investigated their own consciousness.  Relative happiness keeps them satisfied.

No amount of belief can ever ‘become’ reality. Reality ‘appears’ as this indescribable display which we call the universe.

The ability to stay focused during a genuine and thorough investigation is imperative. The fact that most aspirants are deflected by their own clinging onto their ‘personal point of view’ escapes their attention, it is not noticed.  The fiction of the ‘me bias’ perpetuates itself through inadvertense.

‘Cast the beam (of light) from your own eye’ means to see what is.

The usual meaning seems to refer to a beam of wood v’s a splinter (which I suggest refers to a fragmented point of view).

The me is a fiction. Even though this is correct, the ever-lasting clarity is that nothing ever happened (No me – no doer).  This ‘fact’ is immaculately self-evident and yet it appears to be totally elusive – because it cannot be seen – it cannot be seen because it is ‘the seeing’.

One book which cuts through all of the apparent obscurations, can never reach popular status, simply because it is uncompromising.

That book is ‘Beyond Words – Beyond Mind’.  Written by Bob Adamson.

Urban Guru Press has published this book due to its profound and clear cutting message.  For the reader who is prepared to investigate everything that appears to obscure their own crystal clear presence-awareness, this book is unsurpassed.  It will leave you speechless….and everything you believe you understood will be revealed for what it is.  Belief is discarded once and for all.

The book is only available from my website or from the table at Bob’s meetings.