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Wayne, one of our frequent ‘comment makers’ posted this quote from J. Krishnamurti.  It is worth featuring as a post for those who may not read the comment section.

Time means moving from what is to “what should be.” I am afraid, but one day I shall be free of fear; therefore, time is necessary to be free of fear, at least, that is what we think. To change from what is to “what should be” involves time. Now, time implies effort in that interval between what is and “what should be.” I don’t like fear, and I am going to make an effort to understand, to analyze, to dissect it, or I am going to discover the cause of it, or I am going to escape totally from it. All this implies effort and effort is what we are used to. We are always in conflict between what is and “what should be.” The “what I should be” is an idea, and the idea is fictitious, it is not “what I am,”which is the Fact….” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Of course one can only have a belief that one has left the present, through belief in a concept that suggests such.  When does a concept or an internal comment appear?  It can only appear upon this presence we commonly call now.   Belief in ‘what should be’ or ‘what could be’ is nothing but a habit of belief.  99% live in the realm of belief, so it seems.   There is so much resistance to  any direct pointing and that resistance is ‘me’.  Without investigating our beliefs, we imagine some miracle will awaken us to a new reality but it is just another dream.  Gratitude may appear after someone shakes us out of the slumber of ignorance.  The river flows and not one drop of water of the flow can choose to be anything other than what it is.  ‘We’ dream of changing our dream but it is a dream only.   Seeing that it is a dream is the first step.

  1. It is difficult to believe that anyone could follow what is being pointed out and still not get it. Of course that is just another belief, a concept about ‘others’ who don’t get it. There are many pointers on this site that are plainly expressed. If one resonates in being, then stay with it and investigate further. There is a decisive insight that is potentially present at all times. All that needs to happen is that some beliefs need to be seen through. That requires that they been seen for what they are. The mind appears to be fogged up with beliefs. By focusing on the beliefs and in the realisation that the pure seeing is beyond the seen and the beyond the concept of being a seer, then the insight is crystal clear. ‘People’ cling to what they believe and their beliefs are like a security blanket for a small child. There are moments when I feel like kicking someone’s ass but it passes very quickly, almost instantly. When it is all crystal clear here and someone wants to hang onto a stubborn belief over and over – the mind says “Forget it – this one is in the mud for good”. But that ‘attitude’ is seen for what it is and it is dispensed with. There have been occasions when ‘my kick ass expression’ has help someone to get past a belief. It is all valid as it is.

  2. What if I say you can all burn in Hell? What good is all my ‘effort’ to point you out of the realm of belief? I did the ground work, I did the investigation and all beliefs were rendered ‘passive’, totally passive. I KNOW the pointing ‘works’ but ONLY for those who are moved to investigate. There are stubborn assed teachers who say that the investigation is just more seeking. Bollocks. To live in a realm of assumptions based on un-investigated beliefs is a kind of madness. WHO is going to free your mind if you can’t even get off your butt and investigate the substance that appears to bind you?
    The clear message demolishes the realm of belief. There was a priest in recent times who expressed a clear message and it looks very much like the ‘church’ had him eliminated permanently from the planet. That is an example of the absurdity of belief and the hold it seems to have over ‘people’. The ‘mob’ mentality of religious organisers is clearly demonstrated. Fear of God is a weapon that mere men use to control others. It is gangster behaviour. No less.