From an unpublished manuscript “God is Space” – Gilbert

The basic fundamental ‘note’ of this ‘octave’ of apparent ‘creation’ – in this Silence, which stands alone AS an invisible Bell.    A lone and invisible ‘bird’ flies through the emptiness (before space exists) and a tip of its wing touches the Bell – and so the entire manifestation ‘rings’ out across the fresh and new ‘space’ that is ever expanding ‘with’ the vibrations of the Bell.    
It is all Mind – and in this Mind arise ‘harmonics’ – related ‘notes’ as and within a natural ‘scale’, a scale (octave) of the original fundamental ‘note’ (Do).  Blending of these ever increasing vibrations ‘create’ more harmonics and apparent ‘matter’ and ‘more space’ increase and decrease in the appearance of ‘things’.  Some specific harmonic ‘notes’ (sentient beings) reflect the ‘origin’ on a miniature scale.  Suffused with all the capacity of the ‘original’  – and within these sentient beings, apparent 
distinctions appear naturally and these distinctions appear to ‘create’ ever increasing differences. It is all appearance only. The original capacity of knowing remains totally and harmoniously balanced – as Silence and Vibration.   The first instant of being-ness abides as eternity without division and without discrimination.  The first instant of knowing is ever present.  The harmonics of this apparent universe of sensations is clearly transparent without distortion.  This clarity of being is called nature. The apparent interference patterns are also transparent and clear of obstructions.  Belief in the patterns as being separate ‘individuals’ remains as apparent only.  Left alone the sediment (apparent confusion) settles by itself.  Constant stirring within the simple clarity of knowing keeps the substances suspended as a cloud of unknowing.   What you are is clarity – what you believe you are is sediment.    

  1. “The original capacity of the knowing remains totally and harmoniously balanced as – Silence and Vibrations”.

    God in ‘word use’ is always difficult for me. Simple, the hypocritical Catholic background and the abuse of the word.
    “God is space”..,this approach provided all of a sudden the brightness at e.g.”we bind ourselves up with words”.
    Suddenly there was room and fell much of what experienced was/is in place.
    Certainly a word replaced by another,but anyway.

    The discription of the basis by the “note” DO is sublime!

    In the interview with Gilbert NNHTV (from the time 59.19), Life, the silence behind the words….., a lively support of what IS.
    I still enjoy this interview.
    Silence,expressing itself in saying “have a nice day”.

  2. I would like to say…Like the shaking of a snow globe. Watching the snow fall to the ground in the world we hold in our hand. Then at the stopping: Peace. After the snow(thoughts) settle there is a stillness in the globe (mind) Vibration and Silence.

    In drawing, there is a tension of one line against another, A visual vibration that I see more clearly than audio vibration that you refer to. Space and Forms. So whether in notes or in lines there can be the ever increasing variables and also the repetition of pattern, When the line is intuitively (not mechanically) rendered, no occurrence is ever predictable and the space between forms elegant. It becomes the Minds main occupation to control these naturally occurring variables. The Minds constant measurement causes division and comparison and before you know it the snow globe gets shook up again and the clarity is obscured.