Forget about it.


Every word you use has been learned, second hand.  You have bound yourself up in words and instead of putting words aside, you add more words in order to work your way out of a maze that you yourself have constructed.  Amazing.

The clarity of this space-like awareness, out of which the seeing-knowing is functioning… pristine and unsurpassable. We over look this clarity and imagine some imagined clarity that some spiritual teacher has….and then we want it. We want an imagined clarity that we ourselves have made up……..something impossible to attain……all the while ignoring the pristine clarity that is closer to us than our own nose.

There is no point in addressing the fictional character ‘me’ (self image) when it comes to direct pointing to what is necessary for actualising self-realisation.  

Keeping the self-image busy with ‘work on oneself’ is just a business model used by those who do not and cannot know their own true nature.  They service their own self-image and so they are bound to the illusion of ‘becoming’ (time).  They hold themselves up as an example of enlightenment.  Such obvious conceitedness is a wonder to behold.

Direct pointing is explosive to the ‘progressive path’ ideas that are propagated by millions of ‘teachers’.

WHERE are you seeing from? (Really explore this and SEE for yourself)

In this, that space-like awareness, is there anything to fix, purify, change, alter or exchange?


‘I rest my case your honour’.

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