Forever changeless. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

There once was a very clear messenger who had little material wealth. His family thought he was just an old eccentric fool and they did not listen to his message with any respect or fervour. When the old man died, the family fought over the small fortune that the old man left behind. The fighting was bitter and long. Many members of the family became ill from the constant conflict and some even died from negative emotions. Some folks who considered themselves as devotees of the old man, custodians of the message, also fought like cats and dogs and the message quietly slipped away from them.

Yet, the old man, in his life time, had passed on his ‘gift’ to many strangers, who’s lives were forever changed. Their gratitude to the messenger was self evident but the clear messenger told each and every one of them, at the time, to forget about him and just live freely, and see what happens.