Focus on the split mind generates endless thoughts. Dis-ease.

Dualistic mind:

Two mice chase each other, each one believing that the ‘other’ is an impostor. – The mind is dualistic. – Clinging to any dualistic notion will automatically generate endless thoughts.

Stop thought and SEE that all thoughts are like leaves on a tree. – it seems that Equanimity hides behind the appearance of all things. – Yet there is no in front or behind, up or down, right or wrong in non conceptual awareness.

Recognizing this activity clearly and instantly lifts the focus out of thoughts and a burden is released.  Conditioning is transcended and the mind is free from the habitual bondage.   As a theory this is useless information.  For those who taste it, it may ring true.
For the dualistically bound ‘entity’, such information is just not acceptable. – Argument ensues and endless debate. Be quiet and see what IS.

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  1. I would like to say…
    Thank you.
    What SEES thought is suddenly quite present and vibrant.