Fighting nature is futile

Through the habit of ignoring our natural state, there is a tendency to reject anything that points to the core problem, which is belief in me, a separate entity, fabricated from stories about that me, experiences and events, woven into an imaginary fabric, me.

Therefore, unless there is a resonance, a genuine resounding in being to really cast off the false, then the automatic habits of belief will disrupt any chance of recognizing our true nature.

In the appearance, in the scheme of things, the world is in turmoil and unrest.  So called authorities are demonstrating more and more a willingness to remove the ‘rights’ of individuals, so that ‘laws’ can be used to accomplish certain political and pseudo philosophical regimes.  The wish to make a mark or change the world is egoic, self-centered and it all requires belief.  Belief is never the actual.  Over recent decades nature is seen by so-called authorities as something to conquer.  Nature demonstrates its potency in no uncertain terms frequently.  You cannot fight nature.  Only a madman stands and screams abuse at a raging storm.  Nature is pointing at reality consistently but because of arrogance and a false sense of security (insecurity) man continues to be in conflict with nature.

Every night in deep sleep, each one returns to the no mind state and the nature of deep peace in being rejuvenate the organism.  On waking, there is a chance of recognizing our true nature.  If this chance is foregone by jumping back into ‘the story of me and not me’, then vulnerability will drive the organism closer to self destruction, day by day.

Psychological suffering is unnecessary.   Psychologically disturbed individuals, when in a position of power over others (all imaginary) they will use all their influence to achieve their ‘philosophical postulations’.  They are not evil.  They are simply demonstrating how ignoring the natural state leads to social chaos.  The cost?   Imposing limitations upon others, which gives them a sense of ‘power’.  That feeds the erroneous belief in me like a high octane fertilizer.

It is all Maya, the illusion of being separate.   The sense of vulnerability will not go away so long as the sense of being separate is in place.