Everything registers cleanly and without hindrance.

Everything registers cleanly and without hindrance.

The impressions of life register without distortion in this undeviating immediacy.

Discriminating mind is bi-polar.

Locked into its own discriminations it can only swing back and forth like a pendulum.

What is being introduced is information that suggests a tri-polar equation.

This is merely a concept being put forward to aid a possible insight.

Right and wrong are in opposition to each other and the struggle between good and bad appears to be eternal.

The middle ground where the two can meet on equal ground is called neutral ground.

The impartiality of pure seeing and pure knowing is neutral. It has no favour for either right or wrong.

How can a ‘person’ get to that neutral ground? How can a ‘person’ resolve its problems and its numerous ‘opposing forces’? Me against the world syndrome is a common ‘feeling’.

Well, the person can’t be neutral because to be neutral means that there is no bias. The person is nothing but bias.
Some chap called Jesus said, “Love your enemy”.

Since everything is an appearance in the pure registration (cognition) then the enemy, along with everything else, must be within (that).

Energy is neither positive nor negative. No one has ever seen energy. The Display that we call the Universe is simple One Energy (Essence) – One Heart Pulsing. Out of that Pulse every pattern that we perceive or see is manifested (appears).

“None shall come near thy dwelling place” (Old Testament).

Where is the seeing happening?

If you sit with that question with complete openness and allow a natural investigation to take place – then it is truly enough.

The only ‘thing’ that can divert you away from the revelation is something we commonly call ‘me’ or self-centeredness.

This is why it is suggested over and over – investigate that ‘me’.