Everything appears in the SEEING

At the base of the old signpost there are some solid rocks keeping it erect.  Reality keeps the signpost pointing in the right direction like a magnetic force.

Everything appears to be.  Nothing has any separate being.  There is only one appearance.  Just like there is only one reflection in a mirror.  Many ‘things’ appear in the mirror but none of them have any separate substance other than light reflected on the surface of the mirror.  Look as close as you like, it is only mirror.  The appearance we call the world is the same principle.   Time or duration, space or volume are appearances in this immediacy we call Life.
Everything appears and disappears upon this ever present awareness.  Awareness is like space.  It has no centre and no circumference.
Discovering the truth of this is a revelation.  Yet it has NEVER been anything other than what it is.   Right now the ultimate nature of reality is present – not as an object – as THAT upon which all things move.   Some call it emptiness.
You cannot see space nor emptiness.  You cannot find your self.  They are one and the same.
The capacity of seeing is hidden from view.  The capacity of knowing is hidden from the minds ability to translate.
Everything appears and disappears in the seeing and everything IS the seeing.  There is No Separation.
Everything is naturally equal as appearance – one appearance.
Isn’t ‘your problem’ only happening because within this natural SEEING there is a belief in a ‘me’ that does not actually exist.  ‘I want this’ and ‘I don’t what that’.  Who is it?
It appears that grasping consciousness reaches for what it desires and rejects what it is afraid of.
The apparent ‘membrane’ of the sense of  separation is just a belief in an erroneous state of affairs.
This ‘membrane’ is (a concept) made from past experiences and abstract memories woven with the self-image called ‘me’.
The courage to explore what is going on is found in being, not in mind.
Feeling that I am this limited and localized consciousness keeps the belief intact.  Explore the feeling, expand it and see that it cannot keep you bound.
What if it is true,that the reality that you are does not actually exist  – that there is no ‘person’?
Well, wouldn’t it be wise to find out?  Now instead of later – later never comes.
What stands in your way?  What resistance is there to finding out?
Is it merely old beliefs in being this fictional ‘person’?  Fear of the unknown?
As the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water – but you cannot make it drink”.

This ever present clear and present wakefulness registers everything without preference or favor.
No one is in bondage.  But then again – who would believe it?


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  1. There is an obviousness that is apparently bypassed. It is so obvious and so ordinary it is impossible to speak about without creating a subtle fabrication of concepts, which are never true. This is possibly why the pointing is refreshed so often.