Everything appears in the seeing

Everything appears in the seeing.  The see-er and the seen are appearances in the seeing.  What is seen is not separate from the seeing – yet in the ‘realm of belief’ we construct an artificial architecture with concepts and belief in those concepts. It is all Maya – the illusion.  Seemingly so seductive, Maya appears to resist being deconstructed.  The ‘dance of Shiva’ (The dynamic aspect, Shakti (movement), dances for Shiva (stillness), and thus appearing to create the world of phenomena) is an appearance in or upon the static aspect of awareness (Shiva) and that unchanging nature (Pure consciousness), just like space and what appears in space,  is not altered or affected by the movement (the dynamic expressions of consciousness). All is seen without identifying ‘one-self’ with it.  The immediacy is both stillness and a movement upon that stillness – not two.

Q: Do you think you could convince me that I don’t exist?

G:  Impossible.  You are existence itself, beyond denial.  You are not how you think you are.

Q: I am sick of the way I think I am.  Who’s sick of it?  Me damn it!

G: Pause a thought and where is the problem?

Q: Ah! Blessed stillness. Even if only for a moment.

G: The ‘me’ is a concept-image.  It cannot think or know anything. (How can a word, an image or a concept ever think, conceive or feel anything?)

Q: Yes.  My me agrees! 

G: The ‘me’ cannot agree or disagree!  The ‘me’ only appears to have the capacity of seeing and knowing something because it is so closely aligned to the actual intelligence, out of which all concepts spring forth.  All the stories about a (me) non existing entity – is nothing but a story of me. All of it is nothing but conceptualizing – secondary, content of so-called mind.

Q: Okay.  I can see that the me is false.  I cannot measure it or weigh it.  All there is, is the entire universe unfolding in the eternal moment.  The ‘me’ is a mere afterthought that has no bearing on anything.  All of it is beautiful.  But how does suffering subside?

G: (Believing that ‘I am caught in the belief’ blocks the natural open view) Seeing, clear seeing, is the ‘way out’ of the ‘bondage of self’.  You must actually SEE that the suffering never started!  (To recognize that you have cease believing you are the secondary content of mind and BE the primary, the immediate wordless experiencing of this timeless space-like awareness – beyond mind content)  The ‘me’ is just an old un-investigated habit of mind, a story. 

To go beyond it….. is as simple as pausing thought for a moment.  The story disappears.  The infinite nature of mind (no mind) is non-conceptual. (Because the insight is so brief, in most cases, one does not recognize the significance of what the insight indicates)

Q: There is part of my mind that does not really stop when I do that exercise.  That is the part in the suffering loop.  It seems to churn away subtly even when the rest of my mind goes quite still.

G: (We divide the mind conceptually into ‘parts’ where there are no parts.) The cutting pointer is ‘where are you seeing all the activity of mind from’?

Q:  Yes, that helps.

G: So in that clear and empty space where the seeing of ‘any activity’ is happening, there is infinite clarity – an absence of suffering. (The suffering has not ‘started’ and that is where the full stop must be applied.  Then the story is seen for what it is, if it appears to assert itself again.)

Q: Yes, that space is already complete.

G: So.  That is where your true nature IS.  (Put your anchor down right there!)

(One glimpse of what is being pointed out will show that all the conceptual mind constructs taught and perpetuated by modern so-called ‘teachers’ is based entirely on belief and not on the actuality – it is all belief in mind content – belief in concepts.  You have to accept, believe and ‘belong’ to the ‘teaching’ and that is nothing but separation and in most cases elitism.

There is no answer in the mind – belief in any concept will divide into more concepts, ad infinitum.

Mind content CANNOT see or know anything.

The patterns that appear as body and world cannot have the capacity of knowing – because the knowing is beyond the patterns.  All patterns are an expression, without cause, without effect.  Awareness is timeless – mind is time.  The patterns (objects or mind content) only appear and disappear within the infinite scope of cognition – knowing.

There is an ancient saying…. ‘The sum of all the parts is not equal to the whole’.

The sum of all concepts, be they from the so-called past, present or future, can NEVER amount to the wholeness of what is.  They are no thing – emptiness appearing as subtle forms – energy patterns.  It is all light.  Self-illuminated being-ness – as is.  Ever changing in appearance yet never changing in essence.

The air in your lungs is not separate from the atmosphere of this planet.

Every breath you take is taken spontaneously without some entity asking permission to take it. You, as an apparent separate being are entirely within the totality of BEING and as that so-called individual, you are composed of the elements of this planet (and space) and you are being breathed by the atmosphere – you are being lived by Life itself.

How can you ever consider that you could ever be separate from Life or the elements, air, water, earth space? Belief in being a separate entity was learned.  Every word you use was learned.  Intelligence was present every step of the way and without intelligence, the intellect is just a mechanical movement.)