Enquiry via chat on FB.

Greetings from Algeria:

Q: Hi Gilbert

A: Hallo

Q: I am glad to to chat directly with you. What is going on here right now : Ordinary life, there is knowing of all what is, of “goods” and “bads”. There is no special state, no state of biss or happiness.

A: Everything is as is. Mind may want it to be different…….but it is as it is.
Relax. Be what you are.
I am not a teacher. I am simply pointing out what is clearly obvious ‘here’.

Q: Yes, mind is expecting to see “what is imagined” about enlightenment (freedom, bliss, happiness, …). Now mind says” it is not IT……. mind wants more than what is. But all mind is seen as thoughts, it is also what is. There is a thought right now which says “is it sufficient to relax only?

Do I have nothing else to do?”

A: The natural state is wordless and silent. Old mind is dead, past. This moment, let me call it ‘New mind’, is ever fresh…….clear and empty.

Q: Yes, natural state is this silent presence, knowing. But there is still the memories, the conditionings, the reactive emotions

A: Let them be what they are. Do not try to change them.

Q: Then, I just be a witness?

A: Seeing is happening.
‘Witness’ is a thought, the thought ‘I see’.
Seeing is not a ‘doing’……it is pure functioning.
Let the energy be the seeing…..

Q: Seeing is happening, knowing is happening, commentaries about what is seen are happening too.

A: Let them be what they are. See them for what they are.
Like echoes of words.

Q: What is letting?

A: Non engagement…allowing….but they are not good words, they still imply a ‘doer’.

Q: There is THAT which is seeing, knowing, this presence.

A: Only THAT.

Q: Then I have only to relax and be what I am, this presence knowing?

A: Why not? Everything is seen for what it is.
No need to believe in what the mind wants or tells you….
discrimination works a lot better without the ‘me fixation’.

The WHOLENESS is enlightened mind (if you like those terms)…..clear and empty.

Q: We don’t need to put labels on ‘what is’?

A: Labels come and go. You do not come and go.
Are you unaware right now?

Q: No, I am aware and I know that I am.

A: Yes. What did you have to DO to be aware?

Q: Nothing to do, awareness is unavoidable, I cannot escape from IT!

A: So. You are already awake. What more could you want?

Q: Yes, I am awake but there is a thought which says “it is not it”.

A: Doubt is a thought. The thought is not it.

Q: Yes, I see it as a thought, but there are imagined expectations about awakening which don’t occur.

A: Where did you hear about these ‘things’?
They are concepts and ideas about ‘what could be’………but WHAT IS, already IS.  Is-ness IS.
The old mind is like a shroud that covers the clear and obvious……throw it away….or see through it.

Q: What is awakening here does not match what I read in some books about awakening (freedom, bliss, fealessness, …)

A: Drop all concepts and see what is left.
A subtle bliss of being……..concept-less being.

That is IT.
It will open up…..if you stay with it AS it.

Q: Without concepts, there is only seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, feelings, bodily sensations.

A: PURE functioning…..pure consciousness.

Q: Yes, there is knowing of everything…. ‘what is’.

A: What MORE do you want?

Q: That is IT?


Simple. That is why everyone misses it.

You are already THAT.

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  1. Very inspiring conversation. Clear pointing to what is obvious and unescapable our unchanging living reality.