Belief in a fiction does not make it real

What is your point of view?

Do you own a point of view?   Do you defend a point of view?   What substance does your point of view have?   Is it located anywhere in particular?   How well do you know your point of view?   Surely, if you claim to have a point of view, you must know it VERY well.  Investigate these ‘things’ and  be open to recognizing the truth of your point of view.  All of our problems are due to belief in being something that we are not. Denying our true nature and defending what we are not is a kind of madness. Would it not be wise to investigate. Stop believing in the spiritual nonsense and really investigate for YOURSELF.

As long as you believe that there is a solid ‘someone’ who is going to become enlightened in some future time, then a subtle shroud of ignorance clouds the mind.
‘When’ this someone is seen as a transparency, a pattern appearing within this direct and immediate seeing (that I am), then it is known in an un-mediated way to be an appearance in this knowing presence (that I am) and so it is known directly and immediately that I am not this appearance. This pattern of belief commonly called ‘me’ is not what I am.
‘Then’, which can only ever be ‘this immediacy’ of now, this habitual belief pattern has already lost its hold in the mind.
Even so, it is just belief and never has had any real grasp on anything but itself. It can vanish without a trace so very easily. No matter what happens, it disappears every night in deep sleep.
(This univited guest does not have to sit in the seat of consciousness. Kick it out).

Belief in me re-appears due to it being a long-standing habit, a ‘pattern of recurrence’. With its roots cut, effortless seeing is known to be happening spontaneously.  The afflictive emotional identification of ‘old mind’, the belief in being a limited creature, a mask (persona) naturally falls away.
Paradoxically for the mind, there is ‘no one’ making any effort to bring about anything.

SEEING is already happening.
‘Pure Seeing’ is pure being and this seeing is not limited to some instrument of seeing. The eyes are an instrument of seeing.  On their own, as in a dead corpse, there is no seeing happening through those eyes.  Seeing is actually everywhere and it is certainly not limited by any locality.  It is not limited by the minds interpretations, which are only ever transient content of mind (stories), acquired mind – memory or translations of whatever events and experiences that have ‘appeared’ and disappeared in that seeing.  The words ‘I see’ cannot see.  Everything appears and disappears in the seeing and you cannot separate anything from the seeing.  Seeing does not discriminate.  What is, is what is.

In looking into things carefully, one may recognize clearly that all of our repeating referencing to a self-center are just a display, a series of appearances, in the clear and empty nature of mind. They have NO power to bind anyone.  

There is no entity with any substance that can be bound.   How much does a thought weigh?   Do thoughts have substance.  How can anyone beat themselves up with a thought, a concept or a belief?
Whatever happens, recognize that the seeing is still present, uninterrupted.

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  1. Psychological suffering is unnecessary. In some places there are more therapists than ‘ordinary folk’. The world appears more mad than ever. Have these thousands upon thousands of therapists stopped the world’s madness? Self centeredness is the cause of all our problems. The cure is simple but everyone avoids it like the plague. The world economy chaos is ruled by the greed of a few. The voice of the people is stifled by those who buy up the Media. Greed is self centeredness. When are you gonna wake up? Are you actually asleep?