Do not read this note – ‘YOU’ wont like it.

The appearance is one appearance. It is not what it appears to be.
In Essence it is reality – One Reality – One Essence – One Appearance.
NO Separation. You are THAT.
The world appears – where?
Where does the world appear?
Out there as ‘not I’ separate from this ‘I’ here? Separation means, in effect, vulnerability. But for whom?
By taking yourself to be a limited creature in the world you not only miss what is being pointed out – you suffer unnecessarily.
Psychological suffering is unnecessary. That is not merely said for the fun of it.
It is NOT necessary and it can fall away in an instant but the resistance to investigating the ’cause’ of the sense of me, the sense of separation, is the ‘me’ – and so not much transpires, except for the repetition of the same old patterns of belief, which constitute the ‘walls’ of the prison, the bondage of self.
Now get this: It is NOT REAL.
Everything is actually PERFECT just AS IT IS – even those apparent squirming investments of belief are perfect just as they are.
It cannot BE any other way.
The POINT is, there is NO ME. It is ALL an appearance – just as everything is an appearance. It has NO substance or independent nature that can be separate from the Pure Cognition that it ALL appears IN.
The ME is a fiction, supported ONLY by BELIEF. BELIEF IS NOT THE ACTUAL.
IS this getting through? Damn well should be. 69 Programs of the basic message, presented in ever fresh ways – what for?
So you can come up with some more questions?

The ME is a fiction. Take away the belief and the whole drama folds in upon itself.
There is no person. Not anywhere. No Jesus. No Buddha. No Mr. Twinkle Toes. NO PERSON. NO YOU.
There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. And no one to run and no one to hide.
Game over. Score: NIL.
All that is ‘perceived’ is ‘the appearance’.
It is One appearance. Where does it ‘come from’? Out of emptiness. Where does it go? Back into emptiness.

What is phenomena? What is the difference between perceiving and seeing? Do you know?
No but you know all about the horrors on the TV News – and what good is that?

We name phenomena as seemingly separate ‘sensations’, object or things. The body is an appearance – full of sensations – it is all appearance. What do the sensations register on? Find out.
It appears that everything is created and destroyed in space and time.
Where does the space appear?
Where is the flow of time appearing?
It is all mind.
The only way out of the mind is NO MIND.
The true nature of mind is clear and empty. Know it to be true by stopping the mind and SEE. KNOW.
Where the pure seeing is ‘happening’ there is nothing ‘happening’ whatsoever. That is totally clear and obvious despite what the mind says – but ‘we’ don’t notice it because it is NO THING and ‘we’ are engrossed with ‘things’.
What if it is all empty, truly empty – just appearance? Find out. No one can do it for you.
There is no entity in that clear space-like awareness. If this is true, would it not free you from all bondage? Find out. No one can do it for you.
Recognize that nothing touches what you truly are.
What is being pointed out is not some psychological trick for smart individuals. In fact the smart individuals with degrees in this and that have the most trouble – because their ‘knowledge’ is a burden which stops them from seeing what is clearly obvious.
Basically the minds job is to translate, that is what it does.
What is translated is not reality…….it is a representation, an image or an explanation – it is all appearance.
Naked Seeing – naked knowing is already ‘happening’ – the apparent ‘problem’ is that seeing-knowing is not a ‘happening’ because seeing-knowing is NOT Phenomena.
‘We’ take phenomena to be reality and it is only appearance.
One Essence expresses and appears AS Everything.

If you indulge in the tragedy that appears then you will suffer.
It is not a matter of disassociation.
It is simply knowing what is real and to know what is real you must be real.
Psychodrama is not the way to go.
What you truly are is not attached to any ‘thing’.

Maybe this is why Nisargadatta says: “You are not the body nor the mind”. Find out for yourself – there is no other way.
Remember this: 99.9999% of the world is steeped in belief in phenomena. This is why the direct pointing rubs up the wrong way for just about everyone – it grates on the believed in sense of control – ‘me’.
What everyone misses is that whatever grates on the sense of me is a gift which POINTS directly at the limiting factor – the imaginary ‘me’. It invites the attention to see what it is – but instead of examining it, it is believed to be what I am – and so I am offended or whatever.
How many times this is pointed out over and over? – and it is sidelined by just about everyone.
There is NO point in pretending to KNOW.
You ARE this Knowing.
Why trade the pure knowing that you ARE for mere belief in conceptual nonsense, second hand knowledge, opinions and hear say?

I cannot believe in that entity that you think you are – the interesting thing is, why do you believe in it ?