Reflections upon the Dimensionless

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Reflections upon the dimensionless

How simple can it be expressed?   There are so many teachings, so many concepts and so many beliefs.  It is all clouding up the immaculate mirror of naked awareness…. or so it seems.  Wakefulness is self-shining, luminous and self-evident.  Taken for granted, no one notices its immaculate nature.

There is not one single method that can wake up a dream character.  The indulgence in concepts of personal spiritual progress is a dream.  If anything, it is a moving away from the natural perfection of what is. How is this not recognised? The mind says ‘Yes But…..’  Belief covers over the innate knowing as the belief in concepts appear to take over. Investigate! No one can do it for you! What substance does any concept actually have?  None!  The imaginary spiritual path that you dream you are travelling upon has no actual substance.  It is merely a belief.  A belief is NEVER the actual.  The dream of waking up (in the future) is obscuring the actual, the natural wakefulness, which is absolutely perfect right now!

Pointing at the immaculate nature of what is is not a cryptic puzzle to be worked on with the mind.  Simple pointing is effective.  A prime example follows:  Is there anything actually wrong with right now if you do not think about it?  

Note: It is not difficult, despite whatever you might think.  The ‘me’ is resistance to this investigation. Me is a thought, idea and image.  Put it aside and see if there is anything wrong without a thought.  Many put forward certain ‘events’ in recent history as some kind of proof that reality is a continuum of real events in time.  What substance does the history of mankind have, if you actually do not think about it?  It is not a trick question.  It merely has the potential of revealing that naked seeing-knowing is only ever immediate…. that the actual functioning of seeing and of cognition is not the residence of any conditioning whatsoever.  This ‘insight’ (if it opens up) is a revelation beyond description.  The bondage of self is seen to be a fiction.  Once you see that something (anything) is not real, you have no choice to believe in it ever again.  Over and over I sit with those who want to argue over certain points and it is like sitting with a bowl of spaghetti.  Expecting to help them straighten their spaghetti minds out is unrealistic.  The resistance to actually making an impartial investigation in them is astoundingly resilient.  Why bother?  It is all a dream!

Seeing is happening.  Seeing does not depend on the thinking.  Pause the thinking and let the seeing be unadorned by any thought.  


There is nothing more simple than one direct pointer.  But it seems that due to belief in being a ‘person’, there is a  ‘need’ for more than one pointer.  We want them all! But what good are they all if we take them on face value?  Why refuse to take a single pointer to its ‘point of revelation’?  If you follow what one pointer is point-ing to and keep investigating until it reveals what it is point-ing to, it is more than enough. It removes seeking altogether by seeing that there never was any real ‘entity’ that could ever seek anything – except in imagination – not in reality.

A crude response to this information may appear ‘I don’t want to know this’. That is the ‘me’ – resistance.


It seems that everyone tries so hard to see (something).  Trying to see or find what we have been told or what we imagine or preconceive (about) what non duality is…… and of course we fail…. or we imagine something and then what we imagine falters and changes, so we believe it was all clear at one ‘time’…. and then the narrative changes to ‘I lost it’ at another ‘time’.

See-ing is happen-ing.  Seeing is an activity happening now.  You do not have to try to see.  Everything that appears, appears in the seeing.  

Notice the difference between imagining and actual seeing.

Seeing is an activity happening presently.  

There is one salient point that needs to be recognised and that is that the ‘see-er’ is a conceptual construct of mind. A concept cannot see.

Know-ing is happen-ing.  Knowing (cognising) is an activity happening now. You do not have to try to know. Everything that appears in the knowing, is an appearance.  

Notice the difference between the knowing (intelligence) and thinking.

Knowing is an activity happening presently.  The ‘knower’ is a conceptual construct in mind.

There is no ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘me’ or ‘them’ that is seeing or knowing anything.  Seeing-knowing is happening spontaneously.  Leave it as it is.  Don’t claim anything.  Recognise that the thought ‘I see’ cannot see!

It is as simple as that.

The mind says…..‘It can’t be that simple!’ 

Well, if you believe what the mind tells you and you ignore the innate knowing, the intelligence, then you won’t recognise that the mind is telling you crap.  

Psychological suffering is unnecessary.

Wakefulness is prior to psychological states of mind.  In other words, psychological content consistently appears and disappears… upon the stability of this unswerving, unfaltering, wakefulness.

The mind is subjected to time because the mind is time.  Wakefulness is not subjected to time because it is ‘not time’.  This is why the apparent efforts of a mind based ‘entity’ fails consistently (to wake up).

That natural un-altering wakefulness is your own true nature – not the transient content of mind – not the transient content of seeing – not the transient content of knowing – not the transient content of anything.  How could you be something that comes and goes? Where would you go and where would you come from?

The surface of a still lake has no dimensional thickness…. and yet it reflects the entire sky.

Pause a thought.  In the space-like silent-stillness of no mind, recognise that everything (every speck of any thing) appearing in this dynamic display of ‘the world of phenomena’ is reflected perfectly.  Even the fabric of a fog is clear and obvious.  The slightest discrimination appears to disturb the silent-stillness – however it can be recognised that nothing touches the natural wakefulness.  The registering is immaculate with NO bias.

NOTE:  If you feel a tightness in the chest while reading any of these posts, it is a sure sign that a belief in ‘me’ is threatened by what one is reading.  It is imperative that one investigate that tightness and see if you can find a cause.  Belief in me is the cause of psychological suffering.  Seeing that it does not exist removes the ‘effect’ of that imagined ’cause’ (me).

  1. Dear Gilbert
    Seeing knowing is non-objective fact of presence ‘as it is’.
    When the appearance of objective phenomena (thinking, labelling) takes place,
    seeing, knowing capacity is still present to see or know other objects, which are visible.
    Question appears in conceptual form, ‘what is it that is aware of appearance?’
    Next concept appears it is no thing, space-like presence of that which is aware of objects.
    Conceptual activity maintain continuity by changing mode of investigation and stick to
    something more interesting where it can flow easily.
    Basic possibility of thoughtless awareness is escaped in this process.
    Where there was possibility of a recognition of that which is
    aware ‘as it is’ is neglected by continuity maintained by concepts.
    Why there is no stop on the part of mind even though there is no belief energy with concept?
    When it is very well known that thought cannot see anything.
    Appearance of thoughts keep coming and going.
    Seeing-knowing remains as first principle but thoughts do not leave space to taste
    non-conceptual ‘that’. Seeing-knowing is seeing that apparent conceptual
    expectant is stuck to taste ‘that’.
    Thank you.

    • Dimensionless reflections. The surface of a still lake has no actual thickness dimension yet it reflects the entire sky. At night the Milky Way is reflected spontaneously, ever fresh upon that surface. The mirror like surface is like a window into eternity.
      Investigate your own consciousness or awareness and recognise that there is no dimension to ‘that’ which reflects everything. The dimensionless requires no stop because it is not in time. This mirror like experiencing is ever fresh, self-cleaning, unobstructed. There is no ‘awareness of’. ‘Awareness of’ implies something that is aware of something else. There are no reference points in nature. No one can see the wind. ‘We’ see the trees sway and hear the leaves rustle. We cannot see what we are. We can never know what we are. You cannot say ‘I am not’. Everything is appearance. Fear of being nothing forms into a habit of clinging to a form, a body or idea, concept, sensation or ideal. In recognising that ‘I am nothing’ there is a natural including of everything. Everything is energy. There is only one energy. This energy is invisible and indivisible and yet it appears as the entire universe. Seeing is happening. The see-er and the seen are conceptual reverberation ‘points’. Everything is vibration. Polar. If there was no ‘echo’ to this vibration, there would be no reflection. The radiance illuminates the harmonic nodes of existence. All nodes of existence are transient appearances. Everything is composed of energy and everything is spontaneously ever fresh and new. Memory is an echo. Like a bat, the echo gives you apparent location via a loop of self-referencing. See that the see-er is a conceptual construct in mind. The see-er is an appearance, a concept. It is all energy. Let it rest without adding any concepts to it and it will reveal the wonders of existence. ‘I am-ness’ is not a name or form.

  2. The absurdity of ‘spiritual work’ on an imagined self is a massive business venture for aspiring ‘gurus’ and ‘teachers’. The ‘successful’ ones have an empire, which is just a prison of belief.
    It is all star dust, the stuff that dreams are made of.

    The natural perfection of everything is due to its emptiness, the clarity, upon which all ‘things’ appear and disappear. The gross or subtle distortions of mind and all content of mind have no substance in reality. The mind is not locked. Its nature is openness. That is why no one can find anything called mind. The ancient Greeks conceived that the mind was the abode of the soul. You cannot find a soul. ‘Mind’ and ‘soul’ are words, names ascribed to ideas, sensations and feelings that the intellect cannot fathom.

    Every genuine messenger has a ‘master key’ (or is a master key).
    Each ‘key’ is unique, not a copy.
    The mechanical self-looping mind trap is discarded through pausing that loop of referring every experience to the image of self (me).
    The ‘messengers’ own master key is self-revealing re-cognition, found by themselves in the so-called privacy of their own investigation. It is essentially wordless and silent (naked cognition). (All insights are wordless) It cannot be put into words but words can spring forth from its essence.
    A genuine investigation ‘happens’ following an apparent ‘event’ or directive. That apparent ‘event’ is the actuality of ‘hearing’ (the living resonance of) the message… spoken by (their) ‘guru’ or ‘teacher’ (a genuine messenger). The spoken word is not the key. The spoken word is vibrations radiating from ‘the actual knowing’ revealed by the application (or turning) of the key’ (action-intent). No theory in it. The actuality.
    A genuine messenger may appear to give away the message to everyone or to a select few. Only those who are clear of erroneous beliefs can respond to the message.
    The message is not a static thing. A genuine lineage of gurus or teachers is not a static thing.
    The essence of life, the living immediacy is the vehicle and it is life, spontaneously fresh and new.
    Seekers are fictional characters that cannot hear, see or do anything.
    The seeker is a dreamer and the dreamer cannot wake up.

    Nothing prevents you from resonating with truth or reality, except your own erroneous beliefs. Give them up or carry on suffering and dreaming of love and compassion or whatever it is that gives you micro seconds of relief.

  3. The simple wakefulness which is with every living being is perfect, just as it is. What appears upon that wakefulness is a dream of being a separate entity, a dream character. It isn’t real and no amount of effort or inner work that anyone tries to ‘do’ will change the dream and the dream character cannot wake up. Get that information before the mind covers it up.
    Just as a night dream character vanishes when the waking state arrives, the waking dream character (me) vanishes when the sleep state arrives. Shocking news to hear about.
    Over a span of many years, in so-called time, I have watched seekers try ‘every trick in the book’ to avoid exposing the fictional entity (me). The puzzled look upon the face when faced with a direct pointer, indicates that erroneous beliefs are blocking the intelligence. It is energy in conflict with energy. Reference points apparently lodged in the mind. There are actually no reference points lodged anywhere. All is energy moving. The ‘me fixation’ is resistance.

    To shock the erroneous beliefs system, for some misled individuals, some stern words are required to expose some long standing erroneous beliefs. The cunning and bewitching ways of the dream weave a shroud over the naked wakefulness and so the detection that the ‘me’ is just a dream character is missed. The sheer arrogance of the ego that believes it ‘knows the way’, believes that it has perfected this consciousness, that it can ‘work on’ itself is an absurdity….. and that ego, in some cases, even believes that it can teach special methods to others, to help them purify this consciousness – that is the height of an utterly astounding ignorance.  Why?  (because) 
    This natural wakefulness is already perfect!  Ego preening and profiting from teaching erroneous practices and methods is for charlatans, mind game tricksters, con men! (or women).  
    There in nothing wrong with the simplicity of religion.  Religion was invented by men (and women) to provide guidance for individuals and structure for harmonious community living. What ‘people’ do in the name of religion or god often reveals an ignorance too gross to put into words.

  4. Many ancient texts reflect an understanding of ‘non-duality’.
    The ancient Aryan texts say:
    ‘Never the Spirit was born, the Spirit shall Cease to be, never;
    Never was time, it was not; End and Beginning are dreams!
    Birth-less, Death-less and Change-less, remain-eth the Spirit Forever.’