Did anything happen ‘while I was away’? Ha!

Everything is THAT….or THAT is everything. Every label we ‘appear’ to put upon THAT must also be THAT. Undifferentiated. ‘You’ cannot merge with true understanding. ‘You’ disappear just like a forgotten thought. The apparent ‘you’ is a cycling pattern appearing and disappearing……. … .. .

‘You’ will not know when ‘you’ have disappeared for the ‘last time’……..and THAT which knows (all things throughout all time) is concept-less and has never had any bias whatsoever.
In other words, what everyone makes a fuss about, enlightenment, is not the thing it is wrapped up as by ‘personalities’.  It is concept-less awareness.

(There ain’t no one there!   Anyone who ‘claims’ to be enlightened truly has a touch of the ghar ghars)

The core of enlightenment has always been here and THAT is all there actually is. The resistance to clear pointing comes from the ‘me’ – as if it must stop the truth surfacing. But what is true is all that exists. The false is only a shadow. Who cares?

  1. Interestingly, I just thought, I have been hammering away at this for many years. I don’t know of anyone else who has been so consistently kicking the guru facade so often. Of course that has ‘earned’ ‘me’ a ‘label’ in the eyes or minds of many. ‘Grumpy old creep’. It is simple – Someone can show you the life jacket, and show you where the life boat is – but the band is playing ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and you just want to hang in a bit longer. The Titanic deck chairs can be re-arranged into an infinite number of possibilities and they are. UNSINKABLE! Duh!

  2. I would like to share… The seeker arrives significative in the emptiness.
    there is a seeker which is looking for enlightenment, the seeking is going on till the seeker is seen as what it is, a bunch of sensations, feelings, thoughts, forms and colors. Before it seems that the seeker is the center, after it is seen that the seeker is like a fog, a cloud appearing and disappearing in plain view. It is not the seeker which is reading these words and giving them a meaning, it is not the seeker which had all the experiences that happened.

  3. I Would like to thank you Gilbert for your direct pointing. At first it was hard to see but now the seeing is clearer. You don’t allow any room for bullshit. And as my life was filled with bullshit, the seeing was difficult. The burden has been lifted. Thank you.

    • You are most welcome Chuck. Of course that is what this is all about. Those who actually hear the message may appear to be few. Spontaneous recognitions happen. One happened recently when someone purchased my Audio book and sent it to a friend. The friend, within a very short time found all beliefs falling away. Within days the confirmation came and all doubts were seen to be non existent. It is pleasant to hear the feedback of such events but there is no need to make it into an advertising campaign. Enjoy.

  4. “the band is playing Waltzing Matilda” etc.

    Yes maybe a courageous decision although in reaching out ‘you’ will see sooner or later that ‘you’ were always floating in the water.
    Nothing to lose nothing to gain. Waiting, why?

  5. why not?