Destiny for whom?

Email question:
You say “SEEING is HAPPENING – ‘you’ are NOT doing it.”   Does this mean that we are not in control of our own destiny?  That life will happen as it should with or without our help?
This goes against everything we’ve been taught, we are taught that we control our destiny and that if we want something we go out and work for it.  Is this not the same thing?  Say someone wants to be a Surgeon, how does planning to be something in the future go with what you’re saying? This is what I am having trouble with if everything happens without my help then does that mean I have no control whatsoever about my experience here.  How does planning for a better future fit in with just letting thing happen?  There seems to be a conflict but I know this is because I am not seeing things the way you see them.  Thank you again,   M

Reply:  Destiny for WHOM?

You must discover WHAT you are.  Not who you are – because WHO you are is just conceptual, a fiction, a story.
NO ONE lives a separate life…….LIFE lives you and everything simultaneously AS this living presence.
End of story!
The mind will not appreciate this news.   Society is a fiction.
See how you go with this news.
Remember that the ‘me’ is resistance to what is.
AND…….All manner of things have appeared to happen through that idea of ‘me’ but not one atom could move without that life essence.  THAT is the animator of all things.  Why are you a stranger to THAT?  That is the core question to investigate.
  1. I would like to say…Who must discover WHAT I AM ? (you say YOU but who is YOU?)There is so much frustration in that because you don’t know where to look what to do.( I am a newbie)

    Be this. Be that. How do you know that you Be this or that ?

    If someone gives me a punch on the nose then i am hurt maybe i am bleeding i am crying. Who is it that is hurt,bleeding,crying. Is it true ? do i just think i am hurt or i am bleeding? Whats the truth in this ? If I break my leg then i say MY leg is broken and it hurts. Not A LEG is broken and there is hurting. I feel it not another person !!

    • It is all energy appearing as pattens, forms, shapes and things. Can you actually find this ‘I’ anywhere? No you cannot. It has no location. If it had a location you would instantly know where it was. You are actually invisible – you cannot find the ‘self’ or the ‘soul’ but you might fight till dawn to protect the concept that you know who you are. But who are you? You can only give a bunch of concepts, words to answer and EVERY one of them is second hand. Everyone is unique, totally unique. True self-knowledge is extremely rare. Who gets insulted by words? Who jumps in with a quick answer? Who covers up the naked truth for the sake of feeling safe? And how safe is it, in the face of some probing questions. Pretending to know is useless – but as a last resort it will have to do…..I guess!

  2. try this. just keep “don’t know” mind. knowing is what you are and not knowing is the natural expression of that. effort is the wrong direction. what “you” don’t know is everything that you do know. quiet now.