Crumbled leaf blowing in the wind

Belief is less than a dry crumbled leaf blowing in the wind.

(Phenomena – That which appears to be)

Once you have seen the falseness of something it is impossible to believe in it ever again. Knowing the truth of it, even if you try as hard as you can, you will not be able to believe in it again.  There is NO choice in the matter.   Innately and essentially we all know the truth of things – however belief in words and labels introduces obscurations in the intellect – not in reality.

All mental constructs are similar in the fact that they are constructs of the intellect.  They only re-present something, either real or imaginary.  The realm of belief is imaginary, no matter what anyone says or believes.  

Words are only pointers.

We judge things and events from an invalid reference point, which causes our misunderstanding of the nature of the whole.

Quote: ‘One thing – One substance with three aspects’ – Hermese Trismegistus

Quote: ‘One thing, all things: move among and intermingle, without distinction’. – Hsin Hsin Ming

It is the same energy that expresses itself as all things, above and below.  The same energy that expresses as all events, without ever dividing itself into differences, except in the appearance of things.   Things appear to be different but in essence they are of the same substance. The appearance or perception of above or below, inside or outside, require reference points, mental constructs and it all registers upon or in the same non dual awareness.

Not two, not even one!

Since the spontaneous nature of all phenomena has one source, it cannot separate, therefore it cannot fight or be in conflict with itself.  So, how can we judge anything as wrong or just except by taking a conceptual stand upon an imaginary conceptual ground, with belief as a companion and the belief is belief in things that are actually nowhere to be found in the immediate spontaneous present evidence?

That which is spontaneous cannot establish itself as any thing, not even as a reference point.  There is nothing static to that which is spontaneous.  Instantly refreshed without a cause.   Causeless, spontaneous being.

The psychological investment in the ‘conditioned mind’ is therefore invalid.  Only through belief does it appear that great courage is necessary to reveal this truth. Who needs courage? If one thinks in terms of time, it is spontaneously self-evident across eons of time and yet it has no time whatsoever.  Whether someone cognises this fact or not is neither here nor there. It doesn’t ‘matter’.

The ever-present is always so and spontaneously Self-Aware.  No separate agent required.

Spontaneous release from the bondage of self is always possible and it is only psychological or emotional resistance and a holding onto erroneous beliefs that appears to get in the way.  

That which appears and disappears is not reality.

It is the same energy that appears as all the display of all transient things and states of apparent being…..of love and hate, good and bad, light and darkness. All the pairs of opposites for man are under the same sun.

It is the same (awareness) consciousness that prevails as the immediacy, all day and all night, never once flinching from it’s inherent unchanging invisibility – some call it clarity.

Clarity does not come and go.  

Many teachers use the word clarity as a catch phrase, a signature to their teaching. Ironically the erroneous fragments of their teaching are clear and obvious, even if not to themselves.  Our true nature cannot be fooled.  It is the believed in entity, the ‘seeker’ that is fooled.  It, the seeker, is a falsehood and requires a constant diet of waking dreams to shield itself from what is real.

How could reality or true clarity come and go?  Whatever comes and goes cannot be real.  That truth or reality is beyond the reach of identified states of mind.  

If words could convey the ultimate truth it would be told.

Each one must come to understand their true nature alone.

Once understood the illusion of things bound by belief and of things bound by time vanishes completely.  What remains is the ever-fresh spontaneous nature.

As is, already so.

Belief is less than a dry crumbled leaf blowing in the wind.

  1. Nisargadatta says: “There are no customers for this knowledge”. Devistating, deconstructive pointing will NEVER be popular. Teachers of the popular progressive path will deny anything and everything that challenges their limited teachings. They cannot show you the path because it is a mental image. Someone may draw a picture of the path. A beautiful drawing but try walking on it!
    Natural freedom is already so – it is not freedom for someone, from something in an imagined future time, up ahead at the end of a path. Metaphors are metaphors! Metaphors and reality never meet! Metaphors are fodder for dreams.
    The bondage of self is an illusion. No one can remove an illusion because it does not actually exist. You cannot get out of a cage if the cage does not exist.
    A guru or teacher that spontaneously appears in your experiencing is valid – but it is your own true and spontaneous nature that the true messenger points to. That assistance is not a time bound thing. The pointers are given spontaneously and in hearing the message spontaneously, the natural freedom beyond the pairs of opposites is spontaneously revealed.
    Nothing actually happens. The sense of a burden lifting away is merely the illusions of belief falling away. They were never real.

  2. “Each one must come to understand their true nature alone”.
    Yes, if words can say what it is all about it is going to be said.

    “Crumbled leaf blowing in the wind”
    we go into nothingness.

    Once you wrote real strength comes from consciousness and that was what I needed to hear.
    A conviction cannot flourish, is that what you really want to say?

    • Divo, I have no desire to say anything. It is a mystery why I even bother to write anything.
      In Tibet, in ancient times, in the rugged mountains, they used (still do) tall flag poles, ‘lung Ta’ (wind horse) as guides or symbols. Even if the snow was deep, the flags would still show the way.
      In the ancient Australian Aboriginal culture they used ‘song lines’ to guide them. Generation after generation sang the appropriate ancient map-like song as they walked from (sacred) place to place. The words in the song referred to specific markers in the environment. A water hole, as an example, sustenance for life, food, shelter, seasonal changes and much, much more feature in the cultural songs. A deep essential respect for the livingness. The ancestors guided the new generation through the songs thus the tradition lived on. It was not merely culture. Intelligence arranges it all. As Nisargadatta says: “There is only Life. No one ever lived a life”. If all the words we put upon life could be sifted through a net to remove the unnecessary words……how many would remain? Our true nature is not in any words. Words are pointers.

  3. You see the word Strength….twisting and turning, of course it is strength in the real sense.
    Gilbert, once and again, thank you so much for allowing me to share these words on your website.

  4. Concepts about clarity are like dirty water.  Spiritual jargon sprouted by common teachers and gurus alike, about clarity, is ‘shit in the water’ or water served in a filthy glass…The appropriate response is ‘don’t drink this water’..   To observe such absurdity is to automatically sense something conceited, something false, something pretending to be real.  One knows it because one has cut through that fabric in oneself. Amazingly, few appear to see through the false gurus. In the scheme of things, they have their place. It is just nothing like what they imagine.

  5. To speak about one’s personal life and ‘the story of me’ cannot get any lift, like a plane without wings. Still, one needs to function in a world of stories, so it seems. In the scheme of things I have been dealt some bad cards, some very difficult situations to solve, so-called deep emotional material to work with. Family, friends, loved ones and associates at work. All is material for learning about what one is. Buying into the story causes psychological pain. As the root cause is uncovered from time to time and then recovered, it seems that one ‘learns’ about the basics of the mechanism. One learns to keep it private. A kind of private tuition with one self. If one is lucky one finds a ‘teacher’ who is actually worthy of the word ‘teacher’. Oddly enough there is nothing to teach and nothing to learn. The conditioned mind is revealed to be no thing. It seems that one must be ready for it. The soil needs to be tilled. The seed is planted. The seed germinates. The blade appears. The blade rises up and grows a head. The harvest comes in due course. None of it is done by any individual. It is the nature of consciousness. Beyond consciousness is the ultimate principle, which is no thing. No one can go beyond no thing.

  6. Hi Gilbert.

    I agree with you 100% on this post and it has been my experience

    My curiosity, however, comes out to play. Are you a happy man, Gilbert? Is what you do *enough*. Is it *enough* to make you happy? Or is happiness no longer a pursuit and you live in some world I am totally unaware of?

    Remember I have lived through extreme bliss and the extreme search periods of my life.

    ~ Anna

    • Curiosity killed the cat.
      The post is not about the one who wrote it. It is not personal in any way.
      Do I live in a world you are totally unaware of?
      If I said yes, what would it mean to you?
      The world appears as the content of consciousness. Some say there are worlds within worlds ad-infinitum.
      What you call the world appears in the waking state. The body appears in the waking state. Are they ever separate?
      The body appears in the mind. The mind appears upon awareness. It is all awareness appearing AS this or that. There is no separation anywhere.
      Through belief in words and labels the so-called individual appears to be bound to what is named or labeled. We put labels upon things and then automatically consider that we understand what those things are. The words are empty but useful.
      Happiness is the absence of psychological pain or dis-ease. If there is no psychological suffering, then naturally there is no need to seek happiness. There is nothing static in the universe. Ask a hundred folk what happiness is and you will get a great number of different answers. All states of mind and body pass through the living presence. No one lives in or through any states. Some spend a life time trying to get back an experience from the past and they fail. Every moment is fresh and new. Nothing is repeated in reality. Patterns appear. Every wave or ripple upon the ocean is unique and different from the myriad other waves and ripples. Every grain of sand is unique. Every sand dune is unique and has its own beauty. It is not just a pile of grains of sand. Every electron has a unique place in the universe but no man can say exactly where any one of them is or will be. No one knows what their next thought will be. No one chooses their next thought. The investment of belief in being a ‘person’ is invalid and yet the world is full of individuals that believe they are a ‘person’. Person is persona, the mask. What is behind the mask? Self-knowledge is required. Even the self-appointed gurus, teachers and the wise fear to investigate their own true nature. Why? Because every concept they have about who they think they are is a falsehood. No one wants to be nothing. Only by knowing your nothingness can the true nature of all things reveal itself. It is a cosmic law beyond concepts.

  7. If you don’t know how to bridge the gap between your thoughts and how you feel, just say so.

    Don’t give me more brain-stuff. Been there done that, Even got rid of the t-shirt.

    Ta ta.

    • You see a gap where there isn’t one. You build bridges where they are not needed.
      Thought, feeling and emotion are one and the same. No separation.
      Imagination is a wonderful thing. Imagination can also scare the wits out of you.
      Many imagine levels of consciousness, higher realms and they imagine themselves as an advanced soul.
      One thing is for sure. If the dreamer is disturbed by someone or something and the dream is pleasant, the dreamer will be disappointed and even abuse the one that wakes them up. Only when it is a nightmare does the fading dreamer express gratitude. Dream on. The waking dream can appear to be simple or very sophisticated. Through desire for acceptance, the believed in ‘dreamer’ can imitate many states of mind. Who are you? Who knows the answer?

  8. Many get offended. Many have a lack of attention for hearing or getting what is pointed out. The investment in ‘me’ is just too heavily invested. As soon as the message is taken personally, the essence of the message is diluted beyond recognition.
    The message is NOT for the ‘person’. The person is not reality.

    So many get offended because they imagine that they have come a long way, they have acquired a lot of knowledge etc. They do not see that the one who is offended is the one that blocks their view.

    Prior to consciousness. You cannot get there from duality. The necessary recognition is that the essence of ‘I am’ is already prior to consciousness – it is no thing. No one wants to ‘go there’.

  9. Gilbert doesn’t offer mere words but meaning
    is delivered and trust is created for seeker.
    Though he is saying seeker doesn’t exist
    but only after reconition of reality.
    Thank you Gilbert
    Sorry to be seeker but I want to recognise
    that what is always present prior to
    rise of this wanter.
    Though I know there is nothing to teach and
    understand and when one witness disapparance
    of thought thait is recognised.
    But I always return empty hand by seeing the
    emptiness of reality. So the territory of natural
    state remains unknown from this seeker.
    I still try.

  10. I frequently get abusive emails or comments posted here. Not everyone is willing to investigate their own consciousness, without hanging onto many erroneous beliefs. You cannot harm yourself by investigating your own consciousness. Therefore I say investigate the wanter, the so-called seeker. Realise that the seeker is a thought up entity, composed of images, words, concepts and memories. An image cannot see. A thought cannot see. A concept cannot see. A memory cannot see. Seeing is happening. The obscuration is belief in the apparent entity ‘me’ or ‘I’.
    The natural state is unchanging. Therefore it cannot be known as a thing. It cannot be compared to any thing or state. Because it is always present, we do not notice its presence. It is wordless and silent. You could say it is pure intelligence or pure energy. The seeker can never know the natural state because the seeker is a falsehood, a belief. A belief cannot know anything. A belief NEVER can attain the status of ‘knowledge’.
    The essence of knowledge is ‘knowing’, an activity. Always present tense. Like the blood in the body, it keeps flowing but it never strays from its activity. The mind, on the other hand, is always straying away from the clear and obvious present evidence. The character of the mind, me, requires many concepts and beliefs to continue its charade. To let the mind empty itself is one of the most profound ways of introducing oneself to the natural wordless state, the essential being-ness. Fear of being nothing is a common assault upon this profound discovery. The habit is to grab at what is familiar. The future is unknown. Courage to face the unknown and stay with the natural state appears to be rare. Addiction to words and labels keep the seeker interrupting the investigation of our true nature. It is Maya at play. It is all appearance only. There is no separate self anywhere.

  11. Ha.

    The curious one has returned…. who do you consider abusive? Someone who doesn’t agree with you?

    Speaking of *there is no separate self anywhere*…

    Enjoy, dear.

    • Trivialities entertain the self-proclaimed enlightened ones. It is a parody.
      Self-centredness depends upon belief in being a separate self. Agreement and disagreement have no impact on reality.
      The comment I made was to those who use a fabricated contact address when making abusive comments. They think they are hidden away from detection. It is all an illusion. Being obsessed with their own opinions and beliefs, they react to anything that gets under their flimsy disguise. Invariably they are the ones who believe they have attained a lot of understanding. Spiritual arrogance is pretty hard to disguise. In essence there is no separate self anywhere but in the appearance of things, the world is full of apparent separate individuals. The violence, anger, conflict between these apparent separate individuals is even celebrated as something honourable…with god on our side…but only specifically in their own tribe. The opposite tribe are perceived as godless and evil.

  12. Indeed. We agree, Gilbert.

    I find it extraordinary when folks who are famous and have written volume upon volume of books on spirituality still are oblivious to their personal reality….totally immersed in nationality and/or religious persuasion. Unfortunately this cognitive dissonance masked as *spiritual attainment* is also often blatantly sexist and *spiritually arrogant*.

    Nonduality is just that. Living in one world/conscious awareness that is replete with the paradox of duality/appearance of two.

    I’ve often wondered how and why (especially) the Abrahamic religions attest to beliefs of folks thousands of years ago, imagining a God that imagined the things they believe *he* said–when not one of them actually live the so-called *Ten Commandments*, which imo, would seem to be a decent way to live together in duality even if one were unaware of the absence of a separate self.

    Thank you for the dialogue, Gilbert.


    • Despite what so many believe, non duality is not a religion. The words non duality simply mean that the unicity of the totality is singular, undivided wholeness. There is no duality in non duality. Dualism is an illusion of mind. The mind is dualistic and operates by comparison. The pairs of opposites are apparent ‘things’ composed of the same substance. There is only one energy. ‘People’ imagine negative energies and positive energies. A whole range of imaginary realms and levels are in the mind. Some even imagine parallel universes, a heaven and hell and a myriad other realms. Without true self knowledge the perceptions of an individual are ruled by the ‘me of memory’ and fear of a future which is unknown. No one knows what their next thought will be. That is an uncomfortable fact to even contemplate, for most. It undermines many assumptions. The so-called spiritual realm is crammed full of superstitions and beliefs that have no actual evidence in reality. When ‘people’ buy into a belief system, they automatically protect their investment even when faced with insanity. The great ‘prize’ is not some fantastic state called enlightenment – it is simple everyday awareness – the very thing that everyone takes for granted. It is already so. For the believed in entity it is not enough. So seekers go in search of ‘special states of mind’, nothing but illustrious notions and they expect to find it all in the unknown future. Those who claim to have found it are invariably deluded. They are saying ‘Hey, look at me, I am special’ and fools believe them. Meanwhile the living present is here, now and that is all there truly is. By ignoring the already so, the waking dream state has a field day. Teachers and gurus alike are just characters of maya playing havoc with other characters of maya. Our true essence is always free of that play of the elements. Discovering this, or not, is apparently the only difference in ‘people’. One who knows that they are not a person is free to play the role of being a person….a controlled folly, if you like. The only one who can be angry or depressed, insulted or offended is what we call the ‘me’. It is a mask. It is not real, never was and never will be.

  13. I don’t know where I read this sentence
    The one who knows that there is no person,
    he is free to play the roll of being a person…
    It is the most intelligent expression I ever
    This statement seems to clear the
    confusion of long time.
    You are great Gilbert.
    I always found your statement offering
    some more brilliance comparatively
    to my best teachers.
    Thank you again for giving time to
    reply my comment.

  14. *I always found your statement offering some more brilliance COMPARATIVELY to my best teacher.*



    Gilbert, I beg to differ on a very small technicality, so to speak. Nonduality is a coin. One side is duality and the other side is non duality. Heads I win, tails you lose. 🙂

    • I mean no disrespect but your example is faulty. A coin has two sides (and an edge), therefore it is of duality. Non duality is like space. It has no sides, no centre, no circumference, is invisible and is no thing. The ancient alchemist Thrice Greatest Hermes (Hermes Trismegistus) put it this way: “All is one thing, one substance” (end of quote).
      Any examples from mind will always be dualistic. All of the words or names that we put upon this existence are limited.
      The spontaneous activity of knowing is prior to the content of consciousness. It seems that very few understand this.
      It matters not. As the ancient Buddhist text puts it: “The intrinsic nature of all phenomena is emptiness”.

  15. Ok, Gilbert.

    Like I said, heads I win, tails you lose:

    There’s nothing more to be said, then, eh?

    • There is no winner or loser. There is no success or failure in reality. There is no coin. Nothing was ever created. The waking dream is exactly that….a dream in the waking state. Because consciousness is a conceived realm, a concept appears as a reference point in that dream. That which is aware of the dream and all that the dream apparently contains is not in the dream. That formless witness has no substance whatsoever. Oil floats upon water and does not mix… consciousness floats upon awareness and does not mix. Even though consciousness and awareness may appear to be separate, there is no separation. The spontaneous nature of awareness cannot be represented by anything in the manifestation. Innately we all know the essence of being and that essence of being is not a thing. It is ever-fresh without beginning or end. The naked cognition is wordless, speechless, silent and beyond the effects of phenomena. One either knows this or not. There is no in-between realm. It does not ‘matter’ one way or the other. No winners or losers.

  16. The coin lands on its side.