Crowning Glory is a man made myth.

We think we are so important and we feel guilty because as a group we do so much damage to the environment and consequentially to ourselves.  We blame each other and endless conflict happens.  Tribes form and tribes fight with other tribes over ownership and resources.  The stronger tribe wins, not because they are ‘right and good’ but because they are stronger.  Nations fight with nations over the same issues.  The ultimate prize ‘enlightenment’ is turned into a marketing ploy.  Clever teachers keep seekers in bondage because they either are ignorant themselves and only know the game of seeking well or they are nothing but a business man dressed in spiritual silks and beads.  The most clever ones dress in normal clothes.   Remember that it is ALL in the appearance and there is no separation in this Clear and Present Awareness.   Who is tricking whom?  It is all a sham – all of it.   The whistle blower is on his own and everyone will distance themselves from him if the shit hits the fan.  Mankind.  Biggest achievement – putting a man on the Moon.  Whoopee.  Big Deal.  The internet is consciousness expressing itself.  What is it used for?  Mostly it is a sales tool for products, piddling personal issues or pornography.  Whoopee.  The church is in disarray and the desecration of spiritual  ideals has hit rock bottom.  Mankind, the crowning Glory.   The drama of life is an unending display of consciousness.  The same old ‘story’ repeats itself century after century.   There is NO answer in the mind.  The only way out of the mind is Full Stop to the story.  Pause a thought and SEE.  Pristine un-mediated wakefulness.

Comment below was made on the podcast site Being Ordinary.

An immediate alarm bell rings as soon as one implies that mankind is a special requirement for Spirit to awaken to Spirit. Mankind believing that he is important has led to all kinds of problems.
The clear realization is that ALL forms are THAT and that no particular form is actually separate from THAT or Oneness. Even the sense of being humbled by an insight is really the mind translating new data that is compared to the past through memory. Having lived in the belief of being separate and ‘selfish’, the instant that that is absent for whatever ‘reason’ the mind interprets this information as if an ‘awakening’ has taken place. No such thing has actually occurred, except in the translated experience.
Are you unaware right now? Of course not. Awareness is obvious – it is not a ‘thing’.
So awareness is – we can call it Wakefulness.
Everything appears upon this wakefulness.
Clarity is THAT upon which all events appear to take place.
The WHOLE is enlightened – the individual is ignorance yet it is made of nothing but light.
True understanding is silent and wordless.
That pure intelligence cuts away anything that the mind attempts to grasp or own.
What usually happens is that the mind jumps in and starts to claim the experience.
All this takes place in uninterrupted experiencing, where no entity abides.
Now this is why no one has ever been able to convey what enlightenment is, apart from telling a story. The story usually leads to a concept that ‘I can transmit’ this experience to ‘another’. In truth there is no ‘other’. Non duality is ONE without a second.
Now many speak about this AS IF they have claimed it but it is all bollocks.
Many teachers are said to be very clear but it is actually obvious that they are not clear at all. In fact these so-called teachers are a ’cause’ why seekers are kept in ignorance. The conceitedness of most gurus and teachers is quite obvious to those who take no interest in them.  Those who have been hypnotized by these teachers cannot see how the pointing from these teachers is just keeping them in bondage. It is so ironic and laughable, it borders on a deep sadness that life can appear to play such havoc with itself.
It is ALL appearance and it is all valid in the appearance.  Phenomena is that which appears to be. And the sense of becoming is mind bound consciousness. There is absolutely no becoming in BEING. One Being – One consciousness – One Awareness. I am THAT.

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  1. I would like to say… Dear Gilbert! NOW nothing happens. NOW only silence. Best regards.