Correspondence (via email)

Some questions about meditation and some other issues via email.

Gilbert’s response: Meditation is useless.  If the mind is in chaos, then meditation may assist to calm the mind but beyond that, meditation turns into a trap.  The idea that ‘I am meditating’ to achieve something is the actual blockage.  

Seeing is happening. There is no method for seeing – there is no actual entity to use a method or do any practice.  What appears to be ‘a difficult time for me’ is an opportunity to recognise the fictional ‘me’ – seen from the freshness of the immediacy of seeing.  The habit (of depressed mind) is to focus on the dark clouds and not recognize the clear and open sky they appear in.

Follow what resonates in your being. Tremendous freedom is already here, now, we just need to recognise it.  The sad story of me seemingly obscures the natural state only because that ‘me’ is believed in.  Once you really start to investigate its erroneous foundations it all dissolves naturally.   But you need to have a genuine interest, to pay attention, to really see what is actually going on.

Response email:  You say something like ‘all you have to do is look closer at it and it evaporates’ in your comments on the mind in one of your previous emails to me – yes, yes I understand – but HOW?   Here there is resistance to look – as much as I may claim otherwise.   It is ‘survival of the ego’!   Yet I continue and am always looking for new tricks.

I’m wondering if there are any exercises (aside from the obvious – meditation) that can develop the habit of awareness.   Having said that, I realize  this sounds like the usual attempt to put all this in the future – and there is no time, blah blah blah … (oh god).

Reply:  The ego does not exist.  How can something that does not exist survive? Survive what?  Can something survive non existence?  Awareness is not a habit. Habits can be broken.  See if you can break awareness.  First you would have to find it.  Awareness is everywhere and nowhere.  It is non dual.  Unbreakable.  The resistance to investigate is the ‘me fixation’.   Make no mistake about it.  The resistance to ‘what is’ is the me.  Mind is me.  Mind is time.

If you drop all concepts and sit quietly with the mind resting on nothing at all – it may just dawn on you that there is actually nothing wrong.

Everything is perfectly resolved in non-conceptual awareness.   Non conceptual awareness is here all the time – we just ignore it – and so we sit in a ‘waiting room’, expecting some conceptualized event – something we  believe will happen IF I do some technique or method or practice.  It is divergent, a looking away from the actual immediacy.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how so few notice the innate value in delving into one’s own consciousness, to really SEE what is going on. True poverty is in the discontent of remaining with ignorance – ignoring our true nature and grumbling about how bad everything is for ME. Of course one could argue that many are doing that but in most cases it is a muddy mess of beliefs mixed with sloppy advice from misguided ‘teachers’.

  2. “True poverty is in the discontent of remaining with ignorance.”