Correspondence #21

Access to hidden notes is easy to arrange. Just register with a genuine email address. This gives access to many notes that are not otherwise accessible.  You will see how few are interested in this material.  There is nothing in this for the ‘me’.  Most want to feed the ego and the bowl is empty here.


These pieces of correspondence may be read in sequence, 1,2,3 etc.  Most of them are only accessible after registering.  This, most recent one, is from an online chat feature in gmail.  R….. is a serious inquirer, full of many questions or at least he has given much contemplation to trying to work out what ‘this’ is all about.  ‘This’ being life and its apparent meaning.  If you follow the series of correspondence pieces, you will notice a gradual shift.

R……: So I am the source not only of the mind and thoughts, but also of this body, that body, the world that is appearing? These differentiations are all concepts…

G…… YES. But doubt appears in the mind because what is obvious is beyond the minds capacity.  Mind is learned words, believed in ideas.

See that there is an immediate space in which the body appears – be that space – it is the same for the mind – be the space that the thoughts appear in – there is no boundary to this space – no centre and no circumference – this is profound beyond mind – and it is what some call Awakened Mind – Universal Mind.   That is not some state of mind to be achieved by a separate entity.  The identified consciousness freaks out – because in the face of ‘truth’ it is reduced to a speck, a sense of isolation, suffering, and it (me) does not want that.

R……: What arises here is that this entire manifest “world”, including this body and thoughts, life situation, etc… is “happening” but it is not what “I” have believed or been told – that it is not what it “seems”.

It can be labeled anyway you want – it just IS

G…… Yes…and the word is not reality.

Know that thoroughly and then what more do you need to know? What can take that pure knowing away from you – nothing – and a thought is an ephemeral appearance.

R……: As I sit here – there is apparently a “body” “typing” on a “computer” – these are all divisions/separations created within the knowing space or the SEEING that I am.  There is not a separate “body” or “computer” – just “something” appearing in what I am.

G…… Yes and there is no problem with that. Stop expecting it to change into something else. Unaltered, unmodified and uncorrected – Just as it IS.

R……: It is seemingly divided but not in reality.

G…… Reality is ONE – there is only ONE reality. How could it divide?  – except conceptually.

R……: Nisargadatta’s “solid block of reality”?

G…… That is how he expressed it – he knew what he was talking about without a doubt.  Unchanging reality – and yet, if he had not taken seriously the simple instruction from his guru, Siddharameshwar, (around 1933) we would not be talking to each other now.


  1. In truly seeing the truth of it, one may witness the thinking freely – and the thinking may include anything at all – ‘I am the only one who sees this with total clarity’ and ‘I seem to be surrounded by nincompoops – blind mice’. That is the mind edging in. There is only one – non duality is one without a second. There is no ‘situation’ as such – no entity – the appearance is appearance. Each apparent sentient being is THAT one without a second. From the point of view of mind it is an impossible postulation but from where you are ACTUALLY seeing from, it is obvious.

  2. There is absolutely no point in asking anyone to believe in anything. No point in telling someone to meditate or do some practice. There is NO ONE that can get anything from such activities. It may seem rude and ruthless to say such things, especially if the reader has been practicing for years. But let’s be brutally honest here. What have you ACTUALLY achieved from all those years of self-punishment? Why is the seeking still going on? Isn’t it because the methods don’t work. Self-deluded ideas of being an advanced student is ludicrous. It is a fiction worthy of a Disney Cartoon. Drop it all and BE what you are, right now.

  3. I would like to say…I hesitate to post since I’ve nothing profound to offer but an immature question/observation. Here goes:

    I sail smooth, free and one with all that passes over and under and by.
    Then…no wind. Stall.So I start looking at what I pass over and under and by.
    Then I start to try to change what i pass over,under and by.
    I wonder and wish for wind. Suffering.

    There is NOthing to offer in the appearance. I get that. As you say there is no practice, I dont meditate to make the wind start again. (sorry, metaphor is easier)So why does the wind stop? Is this just the brain trying to control the undesirable situations in life? Thankyou

    • Jan, I cannot follow your metaphors easily so I will skip over them. The simplicity of it all is that there is no entity that does anything, no where, never was, never will be. It is all appearance only.
      You see, in the appearance it seems like ‘you’ have been doing all kinds of things, making choices, actions. Hesitation, frustration, fearful, anxiousness, hatefulness, mood swings and all manner of expression pass through you – and leave no trace but a memory. You cannot live any moment again. You can recall it but the memory is always incomplete and the only ‘life’ a memory can ever have is by its appearance in this living moment of ‘right now’. Right now is the only time there ever actually is. Most miss this fact, due to non investigation. The question that cuts to the core of any situation, wanted or otherwise is this: Who is it happening to? The obvious answer is: Me. So, this is why the advice is repeated many times: Investigate the ‘me’ and see if it actually has any substance or independent nature. That short directive is quite enough for anyone, no matter what ‘situation’ they believe they are in. To explain the directive further would only muddy the waters.
      Instead of asking ‘Why’ – simply investigate the ‘me sense’. It cannot fail – yet so few take the advice. Many pretend to have made the investigation. God knows why anyone would ‘do’ that – it is totally absurd – but I see evidence of it frequently. Just make the investigation. Seeing is happening – just look for this ‘me’ and see if you can find it.

  4. I would like to say…Thank you. ‘Why’ does become the hook that snags in Investigation. Beliefs that helped fill in the blanks when stumped for ‘why’ are now gone. (like karma, religion etc). I admit there was comfort in them. Now nothing. So… no asking why?.. when the body and mind are confronted with hardship in the appearance we are neither in control or responsible? There is just the seeing, right?

  5. The raw shock can be like a kick in the stomach. ‘This’ very fact of the existence of existence when SEEING without the filter of “I know what this is” or through it may be better, since the Light of Knowing cannot be filtered out. Existence Exists, there is no you separate from ‘This’…

  6. Now we are ‘getting somewhere’……..and where do we need to get to? Here, now is all there is – can’t actually get out of it – a Formula One driver may try to get out of it or ahead of it but no. A lazy teenager may lay in bed trying to avoid getting up and going to school but no, that ‘slug’ can’t get out of the now.
    What is the difference between personal and impersonal? Thousands of folks die every day, maybe millions but it does not hit ‘me’ in the guts. Someone that ‘me’ loves or is close to, it gets ‘personal’. Now this is the ‘area’ that can be investigated. At what ‘point’ does something ‘become’ personal? It happens so quickly we don’t notice what is going on – how this ‘taking it personally’ happens. What is impartiality?

  7. isn’t “taking it personally” just another instance of the impersonal functioning, functioning?

    to paraphrase the buddha: there is grief, but there is no griever

  8. Yes, it is but talking about it – empty rhetoric describing it is useless. One MUST see for oneself. Yet there is no separate self. This is the crux of it all. No one wants to ‘go there’ because the belief in ‘me’ is anti-truth. Why were Adam and Eve tossed out of Paradise? Wasn’t it because they started to image themselves as separate entities?

  9. You know it is amazing how all the major religions point to the non dual nature of this ‘creation’. There are many very clear ‘pointers’ in all the religions (not necessarily the new confounded twisted new age religions) and somehow almost no one notices the pointers. Everything is taken on some relative personalised ‘level’ – thus missing the essence of the message. You want freedom? What are you prepared to give up for it? Belief in erroneous things? Some will say “Woe…..hang on a minute……no way……’my beliefs are sacred’. Others will answer “Oh really. Okay then, well piss off and take your sacred beliefs with you.” When you get deadly serious about finding out what is really going on, you lose interest in the trivialities of the spiritual path, an imaginary path that you have to lay the pavement for yourself, in your mind…..before you can take the next step. Sheesh. Unbelievable nonsense and yet see how many are deluded into a complete fiction.

  10. the imaginary path

    many years upon it and nothing to show but a handful of trinkets

  11. Yes, and WHO is impressed by those trinkets? Isn’t it so pathetic! And consider the thousands upon thousands spent on a fictional journey.

  12. I would like to say… Yes, please this is helpful. Here is what I’m reading from all this. Seeing. The ‘hook’ for the me is when the why goes from general to specific. And then becomes – the personal (grief). And I think: What just happened?

    But if there are no opposites (needing a griever), what the heck is there? NOT Two? Too easy. and you would have to give up the personal altogether for that. The Thinker. Right? Thank you, Jan

  13. There is no YOU to give up anything. This is the CRUX of it all. NON DUALITY is not some STATE that is arrived at – it is not some Sheik Club thing one joins. Non Duality IS reality. Duality is appearance – nature manifests as dualism, night – day – light – darkness. There is NO reference point in Nature. Winter does not fight with Summer. A storm may happen and a lot of damage, trees down, floods etc. Nature immediately starts to repair itself (if we can say that). If you cut your finger the body instantly starts to repair what it can. We don’t notice it because it is slower than our thinking/perceiving faculty. There NEVER was a ‘you’ that was separate or a ‘doer’ yet your life has gone on with the appearance and belief of being a ‘doer’ just the same. The Immediacy of cognition is pure intelligence. The slow mind can never catch up. It does not need to. Just relax and be what you are – let things be what they are and see how things flow from that.