Correspondence #20.

R……: The reading has all but stopped… a book is picked up now and again and a few pages read but not the intense reading and “trying to get something out of it” I realize there is nothing to get.

G…… And no one to get it.

R……: This awareness still feels localized to a body

G……As long as the body is there, and belief in ‘me’, of course……it will SEEM like that.  But what is SEEMS?

R……: Today there was just the looking at a tree without thought – it seemed that the “I” that was looking was only a concept

G…… No distance between a seer and the seen – the seeing is every where and every thing. Universal awareness.

You can try to claim it as your own – it is and must be prior to the one who apparently claims it.  Without awareness you as that apparent individual could not even appear at all.

R……: Isn’t even seeing a concept?

G…… Seeing is not a concept – it is an activity. The label ‘seeing’ can’t see.  Concepts appear in the seeing and yet….has anyone ever seen a concept?

R……: it is all a concept – the world, this body, that body, the seeing of the world, just names we learned.

G…… The mind creates nothing.  Thoughts, images, concepts and ideas only appear in or on consciousness/awareness – you cannot make thoughts happen and you cannot stop them – and the one who wants to stop them is a thought – its a mind game.  Yet we can pause thought simply, for a short time.

The more you think about it the further one moves away from the simplicity of it – in appearance – in truth you are that unchanging reality.

R……: Yes – what we call the world and believe is fictional – this immediate moment and the apparent activity is … just mind stuff.

G…… In merging with the totality of what you are, thoughts may cease and nothing much takes place – but life is movement and so action appears naturally, again.  Belief is just belief and belief in belief is just belief – pure and naked knowing is not a belief – it is forever this activity of KNOWING and nothing but THAT.   Nothing compounds into anything with any substance that can be separate from THAT.

R……: Yes – no matter what seemingly happens, if the mind labels it you are sucked into the world as a separate “doer”

G…… NO – bullshit! There is no one to be sucked into anything –  it is only the appearance and an apparent forgetting – a not knowing.  But look at that – how do you know that you don’t know?  Know is the first instant – the only instant of being.

R……: so how is this seen? That there is no separate person doing these things?

G…… Simply by investigating the ‘me’ concept.  You are this thoughtless reality – seeing is happening. There is no HOW to it. Just watch the mind – be the seeing only – see and recognize that this seeing is your true identity – free of the seen.   The seer and the seen are conceptualised notions and they could not exist without the seeing.


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  1. Someone asks questions – from those questions certain beliefs can be deconstructed, eliminated by seeing the truth of what is pointed out, in the moment. By hanging onto beliefs, in not asking questions or discussing some doubts, nothing changes in the ‘belief system’. Those who venture to test the waters discover fresh ground. Unchartered territory in the unknown. We assume that the world is known and we take for granted that things are they way they are believed in by ‘the common consensus reality view’. Such a view cannot liberate – it is the bondage to belief – it is the ‘me’ idea, the ‘Hydra syndrome’. Through decades of seeking one may come to a point of sheer exhaustion. Then a genuine impulse may arise. Nagging questions about belief may be investigated. What is true is self-evident but the mind needs to be cleared out of erroneous beliefs to a certain extent before the obvious can make itself blindingly obvious.