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Hi Gilbert, I visit your site a lot. It’s a frustating contradiction to constantly read the brilliant and concise  pointing on both your site and Randall’s, and yet, here “I” still am.  I was amazed, when I first became interested in non-duality, to see how common it is for people to say “I understand this intellectually, but….” I’ve often wondered why, when everything pointed out makes so much sense, it’s so hard to get.

Fear of ceasing to exist? Ignorance of the fact, or refusal of the fact, (same difference) if I understand all this correctly, that I can’t be enlightened, or happy? That for this state to be realized, I have to disappear or be seen through, or however you wanna phrase that?   – David

Reply: Hi David,  Enlightenment is a myth.  Everything is illuminated as it is.  There is no state to attain or lose.  What we call the natural state is NOT a state at all and that is why no one can get it.  You don’t say that nature is in a state.  The natural state is always and ever what you truly ARE.  You are already THAT.  You are NOT what you think!  Where is the need to ‘get’?  How can you ‘get’ what you already are?  No need.  It is the conceived notions about something that is missing that makes it impossible, not what is true.  What is true is always true.  What is true cannot become false and what is false cannot become true.  Start with what is true.  You KNOW that you exist.  That is not a belief.  Start with that. What you are, this very instant, is actually beyond the limitations of mind.   The ‘personal problem’ is the habit of belief in being a ‘person’.  Fixing up a fictional character is impossible.  The fixing is a fiction as is the faults of the fictional character.  And above all else this person is only a belief .  

Belief cannot be the actuality.   The acceptance of an alleged fact without positive knowledge or proof is what a belief is.  Because it is not real, as a mere concept or image, it is obviously vulnerable and constantly needs to be bolstered with new (energy) stories of experiences to give it some sort of apparent substance.  The more dramatic the experience, the more emotional turmoil there is, the ‘better’ this fictional character can ‘have’ apparent substance.   This is why those who are exceedingly self-centered have always so much drama going on.  It is as though they create the drama themselves.  

Try telling a ‘dramatic person’ that they are just a fictional character and watch the fireworks.  

The only way out of the mind is Full Stop.   Thought is easily dismissed but an emotional state cannot be dismissed so easily.  Because of the chemicals rushing around the body the reactions in the body don’t disappear straight away, even if the thought is dismissed or shown to be a fiction….and so the tendency is for the emotional state to fire up new thoughts centered around the drama and so a new version of the drama carries on or extend the same drama.  It displays itself as a cycle of drama that keeps the emotions fired up.  Even the brightest of intellectuals can be baffled by their own irrational personal dramas. It is what we call being caught in a vicious circle.  

With a clear seeing that the fictional character is not real, then the belief is cut through, undermined.  Energy ceases to flow into the reference point ‘me’.  You must understand what self-centeredness means.  It means that all the experience is referred almost instantly to an image of self, me.  Everything revolves around the me sense and it is a fiction.  

One needs a good taste of non-conceptual being.   If there is a resonance in being, where the interference patterns of confused beliefs causing the ‘me’ to flap around from one thing to another is not happening, then a natural confirmation comes from the insights of not being overtaken by the drama of the me……and by realizing that I am not actually caught in the drama.  As with any habit, the habit of belief in me can be broken.   

The endless pretending does bring frustration and for a lucky few, they will drop the imaginary pathway (in their mind) and find their own genuine resonance in being.

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  1. Seeing does NOT go out from you, bounce off things and return. There is no see-er anywhere! It is all seeing. Everything registers exactly where it is. It seems no one hears the true meaning of such pointing. Self-centeredness gets in the way. Who cares? Because I hold nothing back, many take the point of view that I am saying that I can see clearly and no one else can. I get accused of all sorts of things. These specimens don’t see their own mental crap. In a way, they accuse me of their own crappy point of view. Do I care? A lynch mob justify their actions even though they are full of their own mix of guilty conscience and self righteousness.