Correspondence with Robert (be the seeing)

G: The body appears in mind and mind appears in awareness.  There is no separation.   Be the seeing and be nothing other than the seeing.

Robert: Today I just tried to BE the seeing, abandon the body/mind as “mine” and just BE the seeing. It was seemingly very difficult – although I think I understand what the point is. When I look very closely at the body hanging there, I feel a faint sense of unfamiliarity, as if they weren’t my hands, my arms, etc. But I can’t say anything dropped away. I just see hands, as if they belong to someone else. And the more I “go there”, the easier it is to see these unfamiliar hands.

I tried listening to music – that seemed to somehow be easier. There wasn’t the strong sense that “I” was hearing, more just “hearing.” I’ve always loved music – maybe that’s why I loved it because it put me in touch with this awareness?

So today the joy was back but not “of” anything –  I find I can more easily stay in awareness without thoughts, the background noise of before is totally gone, along with the accompanying anxiety and tenseness.

For the first time I’m having a lot of difficulty writing. Everything I write just sounds like I’m paraphrasing or using the intellect. 

I’m going to work on this “just be the seeing”, suspending typical beliefs that I am this body/mind, relaxing back, allowing what I am to be universal awareness, not limited to this body/mind, not in a world of solidity and location and time. There is an instinctive sense that this is the right direction.
I appreciate the journey but wouldn’t say that I’m beyond the mind, as yet. I feel the earnestness that Nisargadatta speaks of – I find that insight comes just when it’s needed, just enough to propel the mind to investigate further even when it wants to quit – it seems self-propelled. – Robert

G: Use the intellect.  If the intellect is using you, you are locked into the bondage of self, a false reference point called ‘me’.  Actively use the intellect.  It is there to be utilized not as something to imprison yourself with.  

It does not take ‘time’ to see. Seeing is not ‘in time’ – seeing is forever fresh and spontaneous. Close your eyes for a moment, then open them and isn’t it obvious that this spontaneous seeing of ‘the world’ is not a construction of the intellect?  The intellect is slow compared to the nature of instant seeing.  Whatever the intellect constructs cannot have the capacity of seeing – it is seen, it merely appears and disappears in the ever-present, uninterrupted seeing.   This natural seeing is uninterrupted, it never starts – seeing never stops. When the eyes are closed, the seeing is still ‘happening’.  So opening the eyes is only a seeming event in time.  Seeing is timeless.

The flickering nature of phenomena is appearing and disappearing upon awareness.

Seeing is not limited to the eyes or brain. Actually this seeing I am pointing to is happening for every sentient being, including the so-called visually impaired (blind). This natural seeing is not different to eternity or infinity – it is always spontaneously present and timelessly so.  

The absolute, infinity or eternity, is all inclusive.  There cannot be anything ‘outside’ of the absolute.  To conceive of ‘outside’ requires its opposite ‘inside’ and the absolute is non dual.  Inside and outside is a conceptual division, duality.
Intellectuals will always argue about whatever their fixation is  – but they have no choice but to argue and dispute – and it all takes place in the mind……’as content of mind’.

The brain activity is slow by any comparison to seeing and knowing, which are two aspects of awareness. Seeing is prior to see-er and seen and is beyond all limitations, like ‘speed’.  The speed of light is registering within to scope of seeing.  A flicker of the eyelids, a blurring of the vision and any minute limitation of the functioning of the eyes are all registering within the scope of seeing.  Any fluctuation in the functioning of an eye registers in the seeing.  The focal point of the natural functioning of the eye is seemingly bringing the clarity ‘into’ the space of an apparent ‘observer’ and this synthesizing of ‘distance’ between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ could not happen if the registering of ‘what is’ was/is not already present as the all inclusive nature of seeing itself.  (The see-er is an assumed entity)

When the mind gives up trying to claim some ‘ground’, some ownership, it is an apparent turning point – but not for ‘someone’.   All the major ‘events’ in history have not altered the nature of awareness, truth or reality.

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  1. If what is being pointed out truly registers clearly and precisely, there must be an insight. If the insight clears away conceptual errors of perception, then the self-illuminating nature of consciousness dispels erroneous beliefs completely. If they return they are seen through instantly.