Correspondence with Robert – ‘are we there yet’?

The long and winding road story.   “Are we there yet?”

One email exchange from a series of emails with Robert.  Remember that you too also go on and on and on at times.  So before you trip off into critical mode, remember your own ramblings: 

Q: Ok – I went back into inquiry mode again, looking inside, and here’s what I got…

I see that the body is refreshed, cells die and are replaced…  the entire body is refreshed 100% within 10 years or so – this means that the body I see is NOT the same body that was there 10 years ago.  It’s impermanent, transient, and cannot be what I am.  Without awareness it IS NOT.

I see the mind is made of thoughts, which are the body’s speech/communication mechanism…  thoughts are the bridge between hearing you talk, translating, then my speaking the words verbally.  Mind is also a store of memories, memories of the past, memories of technical knowledge like how my PC works, etc.  It’s the center of training and conditioning – like learning to drive a car.  By itself it cannot SEE anything, cannot HEAR anything. it simply translates a world that it receives reports on from the senses.  I SEE I am not that.  The mind depends on awareness, but awareness does NOT depend on the mind or thoughts.

I see the person, Robert, is a reference of others to this body and this personality, which is a learned behavior.  This is identified with, without ever being true.  When I say “me”, I’m referring to this body or these thoughts or mind, which is all impermanent and transient.

My cat is an animal.  She obviously has a mind which is developed at a lesser degree, because she can analyze, make judgments, remember…  she even knows basic language, MEOW!  She meows LOUDLY when she’s hungry… she “knows” that I’ll come and feed her if she does… and she is aware – she is seeing, hearing, knowing…  but she doesn’t make any problems out of the seeing, hearing… her “mind” doesn’t identify with what she sees and hears, in fact, she doesn’t even know that thing swinging behind her is her tail.  She’s always attacking it with the utmost energy as if it’s a mouse lurking behind her.

This human body is an animal in all the same respects, only with a more developed intellect/mind.  It can reason to such a high degree that it reasons that the face in the mirror must be “ME”.

Objects “out there” are logically known and more and more known as emptiness – I know that in essence they are empty, just energy, and being “shown” to me through a nervous system that’s translating and presenting a solid world.  Nothing is “really” happening, it’s just all energy.

So, everything that I ever thought was me or mine is impermanent, constantly changing and only referenced, not factual.

So I look at this clear awareness…  it is clearly what’s doing the seeing and hearing, cognizing everything.  The mind cannot see or hear anything… that’s not what it does.  Awareness does that.  That awareness is seeing and hearing everything without judgment, without label.  The mind is what does the labeling, after the fact.  The mind judges it and turns it into a problem.  Suffering is just a product of the mind.  The mind has a habit of translating and analyzing everything, making it all into a story.  Awareness just knows, sees, period.

OK – so awareness is always there, never changes, never suffers –  it is what I am at the core, what I have always been.  Your words were very helpful – when the body is asleep and the mind is “unconscious”, awareness is still there, as evidenced by the knocking at the door.

But that drives me into a corner.  Awareness seems to be localized to this human.  As the mind is composed of chemical processes, awareness seems to be encapsulated into this brain.  The eyes and ears are the instruments of seeing and hearing…  awareness is just that simple cognizing process.  If I get into an accident and am injured seriously, I might become a “vegetable” or brain-dead.  At that time, consciousness will be gone, like in deep sleep, but I’d venture to guess that awareness is also gone, as in DEAD.

So the inquiry has taken me to another dead-end.  I can see that this body and mind are impermanent and transient, and that they are related to without question…  problems are manufactured and the past is believed in falsely.  I see all that very clearly.  But as I’ve mentioned before, this awareness, however clearly it’s noticed, is only being seen as a function of the brain, of the body – awareness of a localized experience, within the human within the world.

I can try to say that since I’m aware of that house over there, it must be in my awareness, so must be in me.  I have no direct evidence of that from looking.  It just looks like it’s over there.  No matter how clearly I see through the falseness of the body and mind, thoughts and consciousness, I can’t get past the direct evidence that there are objects “out there” and although there is awareness of them, it’s awareness from inside the brain.

To get past this I need to “invent” or “imagine” an answer, as in something otherworldly or mystical.  I did that for years with zero result.  The past couple of years, with Nisargadatta and Advaita, I’ve been able to get further, to see progress, without relying on any mystical imaginations.  These are seen as pure mind stuff now.  But this awareness stuck in the brain “concept” is impassable.  I think about your sphere and membrane – I know that’s a concept but don’t know how to see it/use it to get to the answer.

I can’t deny I’ve seen amazing benefits, just since we’ve been corresponding, both from your words and encouragement and also from multiple so-called “revelations” which were seen-through.  I have such an ease now, no tension, greatly reduced fears and desires.  I feel I’m really seeing now without the continuous interventions of the mind making things into more than what they are.  These “benefits” were always here, I’m just removing the dust, removing the layers of insecurity and fear caused by the mind.  It’s obvious that something is happening.  I just can’t get past this “awareness in the brain” concept.  – Thank you for reading this long email – Robert


The obvious fact is that seeing, cognition, knowing are not limited by anything that appears in the seeing, cognition, knowing. No matter what is ‘appearing to happen’, the seeing-knowing is there ‘before’ the appearance, during the appearance and ‘after’ the appearance – because the seeing is timeless.  Since it is without location, it is (found) everywhere and nowhere.  You could say that seeing belongs to infinity but that description must be limited to mere words without clear knowledge of what infinity is.

There is no center to seeing and no boundary to seeing. The space that appears in a microscope, a telescope and inside your own eyes is the same space, neither large nor small. The actual seeing is not ‘made’ of anything, not made of elements.  All the bodies, including all the eyes, are composed of elements but where the seeing is ‘happening’ is not an ‘event’ in time or in some specific ‘place’.  You cannot see through someone else’s eyes and if you look into someone’s eyes you will not see anything that you can label as ‘the seeing’.  An ‘eye doctor’ can look into your eyes and see if there are any obstructions or unusual features in the ‘mechanics’ (elemental structure) of the eye but no one can see the ‘seeing’.  They and their instruments are merely appearances in seeing.

The eyes of a cat and the eyes of a human are different instruments, similar but different.  The iris in a cat’s eye is very different from a human eye.  If you study many of the different kinds of eyes of animals and insects, fish and crabs etc, you will naturally notice that they vary tremendously from one species to another but the common feature of all is that all eyes are basically complex structures of light sensitive nerves.  They may be primitive or extremely complex but they are all ‘instruments of seeing’.  They are not the seeing.  The DNA in all eyes, in all creatures, have a common ‘ancestor’, a common code and that code is informed by light, itself.  One could venture to say that the eye is ‘made by light’.  This is so very clearly obvious it is not recognized because it is so obvious.   In the scheme of things science has not discovered this ‘yet’ but ‘eventually’ the discovery will appear to ‘happen’, ‘in time’.  

All ‘things’ are composed of energy.  Energy is light.  

We are all ‘star dust’ floating in space… in and beyond space… at the same ‘time’ – which is NOW.  

It is easy to ascertain that the eyes themselves don’t see anything.  They are instruments of seeing.  The seeing is ‘beyond’ the material (elements) of the instruments of seeing.  How the seeing registers in the ‘beingness’ of a cat, a crab, a dog, a horse or a human may be quite different but the common feature is ‘the activity of seeing’.  The activity of seeing is a movement of elements within the scope of seeing, itself.  Light sensitive nerves register light and shade, color and shape.   The seeing itself has no form, no substance.  It is shapeless, colorless, tasteless and of course, formless.

Space appears as volume and shape and form appear as objects.  Vapor appearing in the sky is a seeming object and the one ‘seeing’ it is a seeming subject – but both object and subject are appearing in the same space.  The so-called subject, the see-er, is a thought, is conceptual.   The ‘witness’ is a thought – the mind translating what is appearing in the seeing as aparent events and objects ‘happening’.  

Since everything is awareness and nothing can be separate or separated from awareness, one can realize that all things are appearing as things, everything is appearing AND disappearing as the content of seeing.  Space is awareness appearing as volume and duration is awareness appearing as time.  ‘The journey of the soul’ is not an actuality – it is a story told by no one.  

No one can separate space from time because they are expressions of the same thing, which is ‘no thing’.  

No one has ever seen space because space is nothing and yet it seems that we do see space.

Space is the first thing we see, because the eyes appear in space.  The eyes appear in space and the appearance of what we label as ‘space’ seems to appear in the ‘seeing eye’ as a perception, a re-presentation of ‘outside’, the ‘external world’ and that is what we call ‘volume’.  

Can you measure space or find where the seeing begins?   You cannot do it!   Have I lost you yet?   Still with me?   Has the mind boggled?

A very ‘potent’ question to ask oneself is ‘Where is the seeing happening’?  or ….”Can I find a point of view?”

Seeing is not composed of elements and so it is not and cannot be an event in space or time.  Seeing is not ‘a happening’ yet seeing is appearing to happen.  There is no ‘your seeing’ or ‘my seeing’.  No one owns seeing.  How could there be such a ‘thing’ except as a concept or belief?  Everyone appears in the seeing as ‘the content of seeing’.  

The content of seeing cannot see.  Points of view are claimed by believed in entities but the ‘truth’ is that the ‘point’ that is claimed as a ‘point of view’ actually has no substance, no dimension and the ‘subject’ that claims to have a ‘point of view’ is fictional, a conceptualized ‘entity’, which is commonly called ‘me’.

No one wants this ‘knowledge’.  

Space appears to contain the whole manifestation (being) and awareness of the totality IS ‘the totality’.  

Awareness is self-aware.

Right here, right now.   I call it ‘the first instant’ – the ONLY instant….the first and only instant of being is seeing-knowing.  Right Now.

You want enlightenment?  Take it!   It is right here, right now.  There is NO other time.


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  1. In their ignorance ‘seekers’ steal so-called ‘knowledge’ believing they understand and some set themselves up as ‘teachers’ and they do not recognize the foolish mind game that is playing itself out through them. Assumptions are not self-knowledge. Imitation is not self-knowledge. The old saying ‘You can fool some of the people, some of the time but you cannot fool everyone all the time” is worth contemplating, especially if you consider that you are a ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’. If you are a teacher or guru, what the Hell are you doing here, reading this? Get your own insights and teach what YOU know, not what others tell you.