Conviction and belief

(Emailed question)


Sure, it’s natural, as ordinary individual aren’t we not manipulated by this deep conviction that we are this individual ?

And on what is based our conviction ? On our experience but also on beliefs.

These beliefs come from individuals we trust. These beliefs are also based on social consensus which come from a group of trustworthy people. If I am Chritian I adopt Christian credo. If I feel environmentally aware I adopt ecologist credo. I naturally and relatively trust my parents, friends, teachers…

As ordinary people we are social people. Isn’t it natural that conservation and growth of the individual we are is based on individual intelligence but also on collective intelligence ? And one of the major ingredient, one of the foundation of intelligence isn’t it conviction ?

So I feel what you say. One of my friend said : one must be passionate to see clearly what we really are, and go against the current of the established truth.

– (from) D (French)


There is only one intelligence.

The apparent individual seemingly requires concepts and sensations attributed to an apparent entity to appear to be real, via belief in concepts.  It is all belief and only ‘appears to be real’ via belief, not fact.  You could say that the naked sensation (non-conceptual) is real but the translation by mind into believed in concepts is not real.  

Consensus reality is not reality and can never be so.   Members of society will argue about details of belief.   No one can argue about reality without entering into delusional beliefs first.  Reality cannot argue with itself.   The false argues over false understanding and belief imparts a false conviction to it all.  ‘I am right and you are wrong’ is the attitude that fortifies the erroneous mind games about what is real and what is false.  Knowing is knowing and belief is belief.  Like water and oil, they don’t mix well.  Reality doesn’t give a toss what ‘people’ do or argue about.  Reality is.  The primary, singular essential nature of all things.  

Call it reality or God or whatever you want.  The label is conceptual and at best it is just a pointer.  ‘People’ don’t get that.  Why?  Because the believed in person (people) is not reality.  The ‘person’ is not reality and can never become reality no matter what method or practice is used.   All the spiritual practices are just psychological mind games and the best of it only gives some relative peace of mind, which can be demolished in an instant when some unexpected event turns up.

The image of self (person) is an image.  It can be manipulated by any influence at all and it is, in the appearance of things.

The living intelligence is not a ‘thing’ and it is not located anywhere particular and it is not in anything.  It is forever free of the many ways it expresses itself.

The sun knows nothing of darkness or light.  The sun shines, it does not reflect.  The moon reflects by courtesy of the sun.  Awareness shines and the mind reflects courtesy of awareness.

The flowing river knows nothing of its source or even of the last milli-second of so called time.

You trust a lot more than you are cognizant of.  Every time you drink a glass of water you trust it is not poisoned.

Conviction.  What many call conviction is nothing but a belief.  A false conviction is merely a belief and a belief is never the actuality.

You KNOW that you exist.  It is not a belief.

The energy of all is the same singularity, this ever fresh potentiality that cannot be depleted.  The conviction that is based on truth is truth itself.

As an ancient text expresses it: “Know the truth and the truth will set you free”.