Continued conversation.

Q: Hello can we continue talking?  (from Algeria)
A: Ask away…

Q: I understand what you are saying : all perceptions are energy (colors, sounds, etc.) but I don’t feel it.

A: Feeling is energy….You expect something other than what is?

Q: That is a thought which says “feeling is energy”.

A: Everything is energy…….Nothing can live without energy…….neither rocks nor sentient beings.  One energy appearing AS everything.

Q: I understand that everything is energy when I go to what I learn in physics but I don’t have the experience of “everything is energy”.

A: Sensations…….everything is sensation…….yes?
(A movement upon stillness)

Q: The world of senses, yes – but the thoughts are known as ‘other than sensations’.

A: They are sensations….they are subtle sensations.

The question should be, what do they appear upon?
They are like ripples on the surface of the mind?
Q: They could be. Outside sensations there is no world, no others, no body.

A: Everything is No Thing.
You are that…..that ‘no thing’.

Q: Only this presence?

A: Of course….Omnipresence.
ALL presence…….(God or Allah).
No Thing.

Q: I don’t realize definitely THAT.

A: The mind says ‘I don’t realize’.  Realization is happening.

Do you exist?
Q: I cannot say I don’t!

A: That non-extinguishable existence is THAT.
Existence is THAT.
You cannot be outside of THAT.
Your ‘mind’ doubts…….. and doubt is a sensation……..but ‘you’ cannot doubt the sensation.

Q: There are sensations and they are seen as sensations.

A: Where do they register?
Can you pin point where they register?

Q: I don’t see ‘where’ but they are known by THAT.

A: And is THAT different to what you are?

Q: No, it cannot be other than what I am : there is no ‘where’ to IT.

A: THAT….. is everywhere and nowhere. Knowing that as THAT is THAT, what more do you want?

Q: To erase the doubts!

A: SEE them for what they are and they will disipate.

Q: Yes THAT is no thing but I know IT IS.

A: Stay with the knowing and drop the ‘I know’.  Doubt is a thought. Thought is a sensation. It is all THAT.
You cannot define it. There is no separation.

Relax and BE.

(post script: Notice that there is no need for talk about practices or methods or even any process (time).  Direct pointing is in the moment and the recognition is in the same moment – no separation.)