Consciously witness responses in body-mind

Many get offended on behalf of an image in their own mind.  The ‘me fixation’ is the cause of all psychological suffering.  Without belief in the ‘me’, the fixation naturally dissolves. Nature flows.  A river will flow around thousands of obstacles and reach the ocean. The belief in ‘me’ is an unnecessary obstacle but no one investigates it.  Consciousness has no preference for this or that.

All phenomena ‘appearing to be’ is simply registering as is. Psychological responses are relative to states of mind and range from imperceptible to extreme pathological responses. Awareness is not divided into levels or parts.  Everything registers as is, including psychological responses.  By not referring any experience to the image of self (me), the relative nature of states of mind are known for what they are.

In the imagined ‘personal realm’, there may appear extreme emotional disturbances that rise up in response. They may appear as a kind of defence of an image, an icon, a symbol of an imagined self, a deity or a conceptualised god who is ‘out there’ somewhere.  Religious belief is no different to any belief.  A belief is never the actuality.  No definitive evidence has ever been found to support any ‘god’.  Without a large dose of faith or belief, one cannot entertain the concept of a ‘god’ on high.  The bottom line is: Belief is never the actuality.

If that ‘god’ or iconic figure is real and it is as holy as so many believe, how could that ‘god’ or iconic figure ever be threatened by anything?  Even the most extreme belief responses of those who rally against it amount to nil.

The absurdity of ‘My God is better than your God’ is plainly obvious.  The bias that blinds the aspirant is in their mind.  No one can find the mind….and so you cannot find the bias.  The bias is called ‘me’.    

The beliefs of so-called followers of any religion or ‘thing’ do not amount to anything except in the minds of those followers.  Objective reality is a fiction of mind.  In reality belief does not weigh in with any substance.  One needs to know that beyond doubt.

Belief is entirely composed of limited points of view and beliefs require support from umpteen other unquestioned beliefs.

If some sort of resistance is showing up right now, in your nervous system, then you can be sure that a belief is being disturbed.

The totality of existence, call it God, if you want, cannot be subjected to a threat from it’s own manifestation, unless that deity is somehow mad.

To demonstrated sheer madness, in the name of God, which we see on the world news casts, is absurd.  How anyone at all cannot see this clearly is truly amazing.  Brilliant intellects and wise individuals, including experts in various fields are either non-existent, speechless or they are being ignored by the media. All we seem to see in the media is biased points of view and the absurdity carries on regardless.  

No one is challenging the absurdity of it all.  Why?  Is it all just a dream?

Every living creature no matter how small has a survival instinct.  Every cell in your body has a survival instinct.

If one cannot distinguish between a ‘real threat’ to the body-mind….. and a threat to the imagined entity called ‘me’, then no real insight has occurred.

The body is an extremely beautiful complexity, an orchestration of various systems woven together, working together in relative harmony.  All of the natural functioning of the body is happening naturally without ever asking for permission or for guidance from the believed in self-centre, ‘me’.  In fact, it is the fixation with ‘me’ that causes so much interference with the natural functioning.

“All the world is mad except for me and thee….and sometimes I wonder about thee” – old quotation.

Many individuals spend their lifetime oscillating between the edge of full blown anxiety states and going overboard trying to avoid a thousand different imagined threats.  Fight or flight responses need to be consciously witnessed.  Psychological suffering is unnecessary.  An imagined identity, a psychological response to ‘events’ in the world, is composed of imagination.  By not investigating the core of the problem, the equation cannot resolve itself.  Chemical releases in the body caused by fear of ‘something in the future’ keeps the body-mind organism recycling through habitual states. Relief spontaneously appears the moment it is seen to be a fiction.

Now the tragedy of it all is that certain individuals (gurus and teachers) hold seekers to ransom.  They promise that relief but not right now.  They insist that a process is necessary.  In other words, their own beliefs are sold to seekers, sometimes at very high prices, as a means to get that relief…..but it is all a fraud of the most sinister kind.  Living with such an absurdity is like living with an elephant in the house and no one is allowed to mention it. That is from an Alanon saying regarding living with an alcoholic – you are trained by the alcoholic to never mention the drinking problem.

All the moods and states of mind are either caused by, or influenced by, the chemical releases in the body.  The way out is via recognising that what you are is not in the equation.  As Nisargadatta says quite clearly: “You are not the body nor the mind”.

Now, once this fiction of ‘me’ has been recognised for what it is, there is no need to turn yourself into a guru.  The sheer amount of BS so prevalent today in ‘spiritual circles’ is due to various individuals who have fallen for the belief that they are a special case, someone who can save everyone else, so long as they are believed.  Bollocks.  Belief is NEVER the actuality. Take a look into your own circumstances, it may well be that you are being tricked, by a clever guru, into a bondage of high maintenance, to endless servicing of a fiction.  A servicing schedule pivoting around the illustrious subtle beliefs about your own self image.

The image of self is an image.  Image-ing.  No image can ‘do’ anything.

No word is ever the thing it refers to.

Belief in words is a trap.  Words are useful but if words control you through belief in them, then only you can challenge belief in words by investigating the very core of belief itself.

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  1. If you are looking for lovely spiritual BS, you have come to the wrong place. If you think that there is an answer ‘out there’ somewhere you are wrong. No one can give it to you. What you seek you already are. Cease to ignore your true nature. The web of self-deceit will dissolve so long as you stop the energy of belief going into it.