All points of view are limited points of view

What is your most prominent recycling belief?  Is a belief ever real?

How could any belief be real?  There are no two ways, three ways, up or down, about it.  There are no compromises in reality and there can never be any.

Compromises lead the attention (mind) away from what is true into an ever more complex ‘reasoning’ and the basic fact is that reality cannot be found in any mind.  

Every rock on this planet may have traces of its ‘history’ seemingly etched into its fiber, locked in its ordinary appearance but it’s true origin is emptiness, which of course exists now, as it ever did.  All conditioning is belonging to ‘the appearance of things in time’.  Are you in time?   So-called time is witnessed from beyond time.  Is there an inside and outside to time or space?

The body appears in mind. Mind appears in awareness….. and awareness is self-aware and it is also a display (the appearance of things) and the display is suffused with the capacity of knowing.  No separation!   Space and the content of space are not different……they cannot be separated.  Space and time cannot be separated because they are different expressions of the same ‘non thing’.

You cannot separate awareness from elemental space.  Elemental space appears in ‘true space’, which is no thing.   The recognition of one’s true nature contains no objects, no subjects and is not composed of any thing.  It is ‘no thing’.

As long as the searching in the mind carries on, the mind, which is time, will continue to display the unfolding sense of separation, which is nothing other than a conceptual display of ‘me’ and ‘not me’ (duality).    

Self-centeredness….is a one way ‘point of view’, a fixation.  As soon as the attention is expanded to include both ‘looking out’ and ‘looking in’ simultaneously, the ‘fixation of me’ loses its hold and the impressions, which are consistently registering, appear as an increase of clear impressions, in and as the spontaneous nature of naked cognition. The seeming separation disappears.   So called time stops.  Distance collapses.  

The habit of belief in separation has no place to build its ‘story’.   In the actuality of right here, right now…..there cannot be any point, line, plane, cube, no dimensions, no layers, no levels and no movement can exist inside or outside of this natural all inclusive self-knowing presence.   Prior to the label ‘I am’ I am.   Not an entity, not a substance.  Just knowing.

If you do not investigate the fixation on ‘me’, how can you ever expect to discover that it is just a mirage, a fiction?  Protecting a false sense or image of self is like trying to harbor shadows in the mind. Turning a blind eye to the self-evident, the clear and obvious, is not so intelligent.              

Because the sensations of being separate feel like they are real does not include the impressions (memory) that all sensations, including the sense of being separate, come and go.

Anything that comes and goes cannot be real.    Anything that comes and goes cannot be what you truly are.  

You are present now…..yet so many things you have taken yourself to be have now vanished.  Why postulate that they can possibly represent what you are or that they will ever return?   Why set yourself up for a future time of identifying with non existing things?  

It is all a fiction of mind.  

How can reality be found by using mere images of self, words and fictional data?  

Beyond all that, where is the need to find reality in what you truly are, in what is real?  

The search is the problem.  

An investigation is not a seeking of some hidden answers.  It is simply examining the nature of ‘what is’.


The timeless nature of awareness cannot be grasped by a concept.  


Everything is illuminated exactly and precisely as it is.  Nothing can be anything different, other than what it is.  

In the scheme of things, in how things ‘appear to be’, the ‘majority’ imagine what enlightenment is. Many have been ‘given ideas’ about what it is and those ideas are often believed in, as if they are real.  All belief relies on non-investigation and imagination.

What is true is always true and always simple, quite obvious.

Many opinions can be entertained about what enlightenment is.   Many experts are happy to tell you about their point of view.  

The five letters ‘light’ are the key in the composition of the word ‘En-light-enment’.   If enlightenment exists, then it is and must be the one and only illumination that there is.  One without a second.

Space and time are seeming ‘things’ appearing ‘within’ the light of awareness.  The light of awareness is ‘cognition’.  It is not personal.  The ‘person’ is added on by habit and imitation (mind).

The self-shining nature of all phenomena is obviously self-luminous. Surely you can see and recognize that!  

In the natural perfection of existence itself, all phenomena, is perfect and spontaneously so.

To conceive that enlightenment is anything other… or that it is a particular state of some ‘self’…. or state of some ‘thing’…. or that it is a potential state to be achieved by an individual is an error, a fabricated ‘reasoning’ built around the ‘me fixation’, which cannot stand up to an investigation.  All personal points of view are invalid.  They appear to be valid in the appearance of things (a story)….but that does not make them real.


  1. Phenomena is spontaneous and perfect. ‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ belong to the dualistic nature of mind, not to the natural spontaneousness of phenomena. Thinking that something is right or wrong does not actually make it anything right or wrong. Biased points of view cannot resolve anything. Only open seeing, seeing without bias, can resolve the conflicts of mind. Who is willing to let go of their biased point of view?

  2. Man, in his arrogance, pits himself against nature and does not recognize that nature , if necessary, will deal a fatal blow to mankind. No going back.