Common knowledge

Every label or word has been learned. Pure phenomena does not manifest with labels. Whatever is expressed in the appearance of things is nothing but energy appearing as patterns. Those patterns include everything.

Including thoughts, concepts, objects and the apparent subject.   It is all appearance.

Uncommon knowledge and common knowledge not what they seem to be.  We all know what a tree looks like.  Some trees look very similar to other trees, especial if they belong to the same species.  A seed from a tree contains the potential of not only another tree but a whole forest of trees – enough to cover the earth.   The ‘seed’ of all knowledge is ‘knowing’.  What you are is the potentiality of the All Knowing Presence which knows no boundaries and no limits.   They sound like big words but what they are pointing at is timeless, limitless being.

‘We all’ face the unknown – the future is unknown, no matter what anyone says.   Reading patterns of the appearance is not reading the future.  No one can know the future with 100% accuracy.   It is all projection anyway.  The path of a billiard ball that bounces off a dozen other balls cannot be predicted with total confidence.

We all face the unknown at every moment.  Clinging to the known cannot protect anyone from the unknown.   Certain events have far reaching effects, in the scheme of things, and no one ever predicted them.  Such is life.   Such is the appearance of duality and complexity.  What is true is always simple.

No one knows where this planet is going.   We trust that the glass of water we accept from a waiter or a friend, is not poisonous.  We trust the air we breath is not contaminated by poisonous and odourless gas.  There is no knowledge required in that trust.

It seems that knowledge shields consciousness from the unknown.  What you believe to be self-knowledge is little more than a bunch of memories.  Memory assists in the recognition of things and events or experiences.  The more memory that engages, the less is the experience of the actuality or so it seems.  Experiencing is uninterrupted.  The fresh and new nature of each moment is seemingly obscured by past experience or so it seems.

Isn’t discovery, seeing without memory.

What you think you are is simply a conceptual pattern.  What is the sum total of your self-knowledge?

What do you know with absolute certainty?   It is just a question – but one that can reveal a great deal.
  1. So many have been sucked into the spiritual nonsense. They believe in surrounding themselves with white light and all kinds of witchcraft nonsense. Superstition is a very profitable business and the customers vote themselves in with their already prepared ticket (label) that says ‘Hey, I am gullible’ – and on the back ‘Take me for a ride down the garden path’. I just got a text message on my cellphone telling me I have won 450,000 Pounds just because of my cell phone number. Of course it is a hoax or a devious way to ‘rob’ the unsuspecting. The world is mad…..crazy even.

  2. I would like to say…It is just the spiritual three way circus. You have to whittle life down to the Essence before you can get anywhere. And then you find Life was always there. Just different expressions of the same essence forming patterns. Like

    Aretha Franklin: Ain’t Know Way

    On the Waterfront

    The Good Earth: Pearl S Buck

    Elsworth Kelley, Rothko , Pollack, De Kooning. the list goes on

    Simple as That. It is the most natural thing.

  3. we come to the spiritual nonsense from the worldly nonsense. that one resembles the other should not be a surprise.