Clear seeing from beyond conditioned mind.

You must SEE from beyond the dualistic view but it seems that you cannot ‘do it’. The ‘you’ distorts the open view…so it must be dropped….one way or another.

SEEING is already happening. YOU are not doing the seeing.

Relax into the seeing…..let go of all the conditioned mind…..BE the seeing and be nothing other than the seeing.

To SEE from beyond the conditioned mind, ask yourself: “What conditioning is there, if I do not think about it?”

In that moment of turning the focus of attention back to the source…which is ‘naked awareness’…..there is a doubt free clear insight or clear seeing….in-seeing.
There is no point or form that is seeing……..see that thoroughly……..recognise that…
And you will know that this naked seeing has always been here. You KNOW that this naked awareness is what you are.

This clear freedom of clear seeing is what I am.  The natural affirmation is: I AM THAT.

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  1. Hi Gilbert, thanks for this clear iteration of the obvious…
    Lost within the many trails of world-dreaming hints like this one are like little shrines along the road, empty open windows