Clarity is.

Clarity is the prerequisite, upon which everything appears. Clarity does not belong to anyone or anything. A fog and the clearest crystal drop of water appear on or in the same clarity. Some point unrelentingly to that clarity.

Recognition spontaneously happens. It is nothing other than seeing. Seeing is happening – why is clarity seemingly not here?

It cannot not be here or anywhere else either. It is belief in concepts that seemingly cloud the mind. Yet they all appear in the same clarity.

Trying to grasp it always fails. There is no success or failure in this. Success and failure appear in the same clarity.

Many teachers keep the ‘seeker’ on the ‘path’ to a ‘future time’.

Oddly enough these teachers are heralded as clear teachers – but it is not so – clearly it is not so.

For those who can see, those not under the spell of these ‘teachers’, they are clearly nothing but tyrants and bullies.

Yet – It all appears on or in the same clarity.