Cheer up – it’s just a story!

Something to cheer you up.

You don’t mind boring all your friends with your story and you keep them up to date. Isn’t that what friends do? But you have to listen to their story too! Stories and more stories.

If you can find someone willing to listen to your sad ‘story of me’, for even ten minutes, then you are fortunate, no?

You may have a close friend who is usually easy going, then one day they start to complain, endlessly and you get weary of it. They just wont shut up. Once they seemed to be wise and now they display craziness. What ever happened to the wisdom?

Most listeners only want to talk about their ‘story of me’.   What is interesting is that since it is so hard to find anyone who will take an interest and really pay dutiful attention to your story of me, then why do you find it so interesting and end up telling it to yourself so often?

If you stopped telling yourself all these stories about, me, me, me, then you might notice that there is no actual ‘me’ to tell stories about.   Now, wouldn’t that be a novel way to live?   You might even find folks willing to listen to you talk about that fact that there is no ‘me’.   Unlikely, of course.  Too scary, liable to make one depressed even at the thought of there being no me.  🙂

  1. I would like to say…me, a recollection of bias thoughts without a creator. Relax, the mind has and will function without a me claiming ownership. I know you can almost
    see what I mean.

  2. Had to laugh at this one. I have been telling this very dramatic story of me for years, and have recently found someone else to listen. Cheer Up,brings the story of me to earth. Enlightenment is apparent here, however does not seem to be real for ME. Smile
    Thanks Gilbert

  3. Direct experience is one of formations shaping and de-shaping. In all the charade of getting or not getting this stuff, what changes? Things come and things go. You remain. You are never in flux. There’s no attainment for you or anything that can be taken away.

  4. The goal of many seekers is to demolish the ego. Well, almost demolish it. More like, the hope is to see through it, but keep one tiny piece of the sense of self so we can actualize our preferred image of what it’s like to be kind, loving, and giving. That’s what we’re trying to do by reading these blogs and emulating what we think the real, non-guru, gurus are like. After all, being present and aware is just too boring. I must be a shining example also. Because everyone who gets this stuff needs to portray a persona of loving kindness or else they are a fraud, Right? Well, I can guarantee you that the ultimate image you have of yourself will be cause for frustration because there will always be a discrepancy between how you see yourself and your ideal image. But lo and behold, what never changes? I am present and aware. Never budged. By the way, even if you do (within imagination) succeed momentarily in reducing the ego to a pea-size and then successfully showing that pea to the world as a kind loving soul—the day will soon come when either you doubt yourself as that image or the world does or both. Bottomline, you’re still hoping to become some image when what this is all about is the fullness of being present and aware. That is already accomplished. And if there’s a resurgent slippage into apparent perceived division and the residual thoughts of being a separate entity, keep in mind what Bob says and test it out—that self-image you’re taking yourself to be— Is it doing the seeing? Doing the hearing? Beating the heart? No, on all counts. Crap, all I am is present aware-ing and not a thing or a self-image! No enlightenment to get and no persona to portray to the world as having arrived. Presence awareness has nothing to prove. It’s all there is.

    • It is all appearance only. There are no entities wishing or wanting anything. There is only consciousness – light and a few shadows, which cannot exist without the light. The light of seeing-knowing is from beyond the personal – ad infinitum.

  5. I would like to say…that point is beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  6. Thanks Gilbert, this was just what I needed to cheer me up! Your words made me laugh at my sad ‘me’ stories. They will keep coming up time and again, won’t they? Thanks! 🙂

    • Yes the same thought patterns will come up as usual. Once you truly see that they are mechanical and are NOT what you are, then you will not give them any credence. Discrimination will be freer to use whatever thought is useful and ignore whatever is unnecessary or crazy. Sanity is a rare thing it seems. As Shakespeare says “There is neither right nor wrong but thinking makes it so”. Now someone will disagree with that and say it is wrong. What they do not realise is that their judgment is via thinking and associate thought patterns – and so thinking makes it (wrong) so. It may seem subtle but it is blazingly obvious. The apparent missing ‘gem’ that everyone is looking for is ‘their own being’ – which is not separate from BEING – One without a second. Some believe in God – God is BEING. Believers are stuck in the apparent process of ‘becoming’. There is no actual becoming. There is only BEING.

  7. Great! Yes, sometimes those thoughts are really extreme and I used to really suffer because they seemed to be ‘mine’. Once I realised that they weren’t personal at all and that there was, in fact, no person there at all, everything changed. Occasionally something seems to ‘catch’ me for a while but then I remember that I am actually free again! It is just not easy to find the words to talk about it without sounding like some ‘know-all’…