Non Duality

Prior to mind content.

The mind can only understand what it has ‘created’ or synthesised itself. You cannot teach what you do not know. For those who believe in god, god is that which abides beyond the reach of reason. Belief steps in to fill in where evidence is lacking. In the terms of religion ‘god made everything’, yet so many complain and fight against much of their own ‘god’s creation’. ‘People’ destroy others, not unlike themselves, over belief in their own special ‘membership rights’ of a particular religion, gang or country. Mind content fights with mind content and the enemy is within. Spiritual […]

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Be totally genuine with yourself. Why not?

Without a word or label, what are you?   Sensation?  What form does the spirit have, what colour or shape? The seeker is seeking something that is apparently not present.  If it is not present then is it imaginary?  Is it mere images in the mind? What is this absurdity of wanting some rumour about an ‘awakening’ while denying the clarity of wakefulness, which is present now? Commonly a seeker in spiritual circles has heard about a wondrous state or place of enlightenment and goes in search of it.  To do this he/she must ignore the ‘already presence’, the perfection of being, […]

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The false will never become reality

The enemy of mankind is self-hatred.  An impostor sitting in the seat of consciousness.  A false king indulging in imaginary powers of the mind. Within the expansive nature of love there is no room for fixations upon the false.  A painted sky can never become the sky.  A wooden puppet will never become a walking, talking being.   Denial of the spontaneous and essential nature of existence is through belief in being something that one is not.  To affirm the image of self or to deny the image of the self will not change the fundamental nature of the image of […]

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No need, no wanting.

Awareness is mirror-like.  (You cannot see the mirror, only the reflections that fill the mirror) Consciousness appears upon naked awareness – the consciousness is ever-changing.  Awareness is not appearing, except as a display of ever-changing consciousness.  Pure awareness is ever-changeless. Everything that appears is consciousness, no matter how large or how small. Whether you conceive of something as negative or positive, it is the same energy appearing as content of consciousness, expressed from the same source, the same essence. What is aware of the consciousness?  To be totally conscious of being conscious is to perceive no separation between consciousness and […]

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