Carry that Weight

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“Boy, you gotta carry that weight…a long time” – (from a Beatles song)

Everything is perfect just as it is.  There is NO duality in reality.

The ‘story of me’ is a fiction. 
So-called ‘events’ in the past have no emotional content unless you refer them to the image of ‘me’. 
This profundity goes un-noticed by ‘members of society’, ‘people’ in general.

Knowing that, knowing that the image of me is just a transient image and that it is the cause of distorted perception, one naturally ceases to refer to it.   Why refer to a fiction when what is true is clearly obvious without going to the me of memory?   Present evidence does not rely on any past.

There is no actual ‘I’ that expects anything from ‘my past’ or from the so-called ‘me’.  A fiction is a fiction.  Period!

You are here, now.  Where is the boundary to ‘here’.   There is none.

Where is the now?  Did it have a beginning?  The present is the only actuality there is.

Some call this ‘enlightenment’ but I don’t call it anything.
You can call it LIFE.


  1. Depression is a world wide problem. Millions of dollars are poured into addressing the problem.
    The basic ’cause’ is not addressed.
    Staving off depression with chemicals and psychological therapy is the best on offer, it seems.
    The fundamental structure of society is based on beliefs.
    Today we find that the elders are ignored. Everyone thinks they know better. Experts are paid ridiculous wages or fees. Evidence of their expertise is shrouded in exclusive language. The ‘in crowd’, those in the know, are all getting big big fees for playing the game. Woe be tide the one who exposes them.

    • My sense is most have no idea their lives and society is based on beliefs. I was ignorant to this fact for too many years to name. Plus I doubt I could have heard this truth even if it were spoken until, for some reason, there was a readiness. Just my guess.

      • Yes indeed. It appears that an apple won’t fall from a tree until it is ripe and ready.
        Everything is perfect just as it is. No matter how it appears, it is perfect.
        Judgement is a conceptual construct in duality. There is no duality in reality.
        Without the sun, nothing would appear on this planet. The planet would not appear because the planet ‘came together’ as a harmonic resonance of this ‘solar system’, in the appearance of things. You cannot get out of space. You cannot get out of the immediacy of ‘presence’. Life is all there is, as it is. It is a singular essence displaying in infinite ways – all appearing (and disappearing). Without air you would last a few minutes. Without fire (warmth) the body would be immovable, frozen. Without water the body would be dust. Without life energy ‘you’ couldn’t take (steal) credit for anything. Everything is as it is. Perfect.

  2. the expert industry.


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  4. Even though it appears that almost no one ‘hears’ what is expressed here, over and over, the expressions keep being expressed. No choice. No one to make a choice. It appears that everyone is so self-centred, to such a degree that even when someone finds that their life ‘gets better’ from hearing something in the message they don’t even say ‘thank you’ to the messenger. No one making any choice. What is the basic message? In a nut shell:
    There is no duality in reality!

  5. Thanks, Gilbert! :)))

  6. Gilbert,as everyone sings his / her own unique song – the dance of the elements – I have found this song as a reply to your invitation given.
    Listen to The Kinks,Days (youtube)

  7. Hey GIlbert thanks for the posts!

  8. Hi Gilbert,

    It is stated that all is as perfect as it is.

    Does ‘not getting enlightenment’ happen by itself too and by no one? This is a tricky one. Clarity doesn’t show at this moment. Is there any way to see that I am not doing the ‘not-seeing’ of the clarity? I know it conceptually. No one here to seek.

    But who else than me is not clear about enlightenment? Enlightenment is clear about all!!! Difficult to distance myself from the not having of clarity, just like becoming the witness and non doer.


    • I hear a lot of double talk whenever I spend any time with so-called ‘non duality’ types.
      It is so transparent but they don’t seem to notice the conceptual constructs they obviously bind themselves up in. And they have no interest in investigating their delusions. They clearly usually demonstrate a kind of ‘I am special’ with a little cloud of doubt hovering overhead. They appear to want verification or agreement, as if ‘we’ belong to some sort of ‘club’ or ‘click’. Logically any ‘non event’ (e.g: Not getting enlightenment) cannot ever ‘happen’.
      In any case all ‘events’ are transitory states of apparent ‘matter’ and what you are is no thing. There is a sense of ‘Already so’ with the apparent arrival of clarity of mind…..with the seeing through the conceptual constructs or belief, clarity ‘appears’ to come. Clarity was always present. What is recognised is (lets call it) ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ and the unswerving fact is that truth or reality never changes. What is, is what is. End of story!
      Any concept about being a witness can only ever have a momentary value. The witness is a conceptual reference point in mind, transitory without any substance.

      One of the pointers I express from time to time is: Where are you seeing from? (or where is the seeing happening?)
      This pointer is ‘sharp’ and cuts away all conceptual constructs of mind SO LONG as there is a genuine investigation ‘active’. Any bias that is held onto will obscure the obvious.
      The re-occurring ‘trouble’ is that it is all so simple and self-evident – too simple for words – so much so, it appears that no one ‘gets how simple it is’.

      There are two seeming ‘ways’ to go (in the appearance of things).
      One way is to keep adding words, labels and concepts until some ‘meaning’ is arrived at. But this kind of activity goes on forever with no result except elaborate conceptual ‘understanding’ which requires a lot of explaining to convey to others. It never works.

      The other ‘way’ is to break it all down to the self-evident emptiness of concepts. Down to non-conceptual, naked awareness, which is the basis of all awareness.
      Now, what is clearly obvious (here – and there is no boundary to here) is that the ‘reason’ why so few can hear the clear message is because of endless ‘reasoning’ and the habit of referring everything to ‘the me of memory’. This habit is almost instantly presented. Therefore it is only with a totally genuine impulse from pure being that one can cut through that habit.
      To point this out is not helpful because that ‘me of memory’ immediately starts up a story about itself and adds ‘reasons’ why it can’t have clarity.
      CLARITY is actually a quality of the infinite nature of existence – yet the clarity is non existence itself – indescribable – unfindable and beyond the reaches of so-called mind. It is what YOU ARE. It is not what you think you are. The ‘I’ appears in the thinking, not in the naked cognising.
      If this simple pointing still doesn’t get through, investigate where this particular message goes astray and there, right there, you will find whatever it is that seemingly blocks the view (for you). It will be a concept or an image of self (me). It has to be seen through.

  9. Take a look at what most of these western (non duality) teachers are spouting. They are basically selling their Own Brand of ‘truth’ along with a special exclusive ‘path to truth’. Everyone has to invest time, money and effort into the ‘teaching’ and that is, quite frankly, total nonsense. The absurdity of the whole scene is clearly obvious to any sane individual that is not easily seduced by BS or under the influence of the teacher/guru.
    Truth or reality is unchanging, ever present. Removal of whatever obscures ‘reality’ for you can take place at any moment. ALREADY SO. Truth or reality is NOT the result of any sadhana, practice or method. Argue about this for as long as you want, truth or reality will not change. Most ‘teachings’ are far from the truth and most of them are total imaginary scenarios for the image of self (me). Pointing this out really ‘pisses off’ (Australian saying) the spiritual pretenders. They do not like their little self-centred paradigm exposed.
    I refuse to compromise any pointing with nonsense about ‘becoming’.
    There is only Being, right here, right now.

  10. Thank you Gilbert,

    3 days ago there was the revelation that I wasn’t the seeker. Tears came, because I exist only of seeking. I am only interested in enlightenment. All my hobbies fell away in the last 6 years of seeking.

    I will try to see what it is that blocks me from seeing the message. Perhaps I just should rest in being and surrender and let things be as they are. If not getting is part of what is, let it be so for a while.

    Thanks. I have no further questions, sir.

    • The definition of ‘what is’ is: Unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected. In other words ‘as it is’ without any interpretation from mind.
      So, in light of this clarity of meaning (of what is) it is obvious that there is nothing to do. No need for a conceptual construct called ‘acceptance’ or ‘rejection’. What is necessary is a simple recognition that pure consciousness is perfect as is. The content of consciousness may appear as various ‘elements’ that may be in conflict with each other or in harmony. They are merely content and actually have no existence as anything separate from pure consciousness. Consciousness is not the result of anything in the content of consciousness. The cup is not caused by the coffee in the cup. Consciousness is spontaneous and uncaused. Anything that you conceive of must be content of consciousness. So, all attempts from a seeming entity (content of consciousness) cannot EVER ‘become’ the pure consciousness. The coffee cannot become the cup. The words ‘pure consciousness’ are just a label, a pointer. The point is that this activity of cognition, this immediate knowing, is not being ‘done’ by anything or anyone. Acknowledge this livingness and its innate intelligence and belief in things that are not will fall away by themselves. You are not what you ‘think’ you are. The seeker is a conceptual image and story about a ‘me’. Investigate that ‘me’ and it will reveal its fabricated nature. Nothing to fear in this. Logically, what you truly are cannot be a threat to what you imagine you are. A revelation is like the first flight of a butterfly. The Life world is not burdened by any conceptual realm. Life is living you.

  11. Someone writes to ask about several ‘sticking points’ that have them confused. Here is the reply:
    As long as the body is ‘living’ there will be the appearance of thoughts of locality and association with the body.

    All of ‘our problems’ are due to two references. ‘Identity’ and ‘boundary’.
    Investigate either and see that they are both conceptual and without substance.
    Keep investigating identity and boundary and the dream of being separate cannot survive. Spiritual pride about how serious one is about the ‘search’ loses all of its traction when one faces the absence of ‘me’ or ‘I’.

    The content of consciousness is actually causeless. This is too simple to acknowledge for any seeker and there is in fact no one to acknowledge it. It appears as a recognition. The content is causeless simply because the consciousness itself is spontaneous – causeless.

    Truth or reality is clear and obvious before you think about it. All the thinking plays no role in any cause or effect in reality. Who points this out? As Nisargadatta says: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.

    The totality of the content of consciousness is an expression of the essence of non-being, appearing as being. It is ALL an expression, which we call ‘the appearance’ – it, the appearance, is NOT the facilitator of the expression, not the naked consciousness (awareness).

    Like a movie displayed on a screen. The screen remains the same, even though it takes on the flicking attributes of the movie. None of the characters in the movie are real. None of the scenery is real. If you try to walk into the scene of the movie you bump into the screen. Even walking towards the screen will reveal the illusion as the apparent context vanishes. The effects of the movie only work within a specific scale. Too close and it turns into mere colours and shapes on a screen. Too far away and the movie screen disappears as it blends with the surrounding scene.

    The naked cognising is causeless and inseparable from the apparent content, also causeless…. AND whatever appears to be happening is not happening in reality. This is where everyone gets lost. Being convinced that something is happening to me, is the apparent cause of belief in ‘me’. There never was a me and seeing the truth of that immediately reveals that it was never real.
    The ‘cognis-er’ and the ‘cognised’ are two reference points conceived to be in the cognising. Being unaware of these assumptions, naturally one (the seeming entity) is drawn into the ‘play’. No reference point can have any independent existence whatsoever.
    The display, the appearance of things is all registering in the cognising WITHOUT EVER ‘becoming’ anything with any substance. The ‘fixation on me’ is getting in the way. To put it aside appears to be no easy task.
    The thing is – it never existed in the first place.
    All these characters running about pretending to be self-liberated and enlightened is the biggest joke of all….but few are laughing. Everyone is fixating on ‘me’ and apparently full of ‘wanting’ what they can never have.

    Self-liberation is simply in seeing that there is no self.

    In the illusions of separation……For most aspirants, the mind will reel from such insights and a reaction will appear to keep the seeker bouncing about…….seeking.

    There is NO separation. Recognise that and keep seeing the truth of it. Whatever comes up to challenge the true insight will clearly point at the chief cause of delusional thinking. Few have the tenacity to stay with the clear seeing. Yet there never was a seeker in reality.

    There is no duality in reality.

  12. 3 things that triggered an emotion here (including a tear) when I was readin this.

    1) Life is living you.

    2) The seeker is a conceptual image and story about a ‘me’.

    3) Yet there never was a seeker in reality.

    There was a seeing that attention moved by itself. Intention moved spontaneously. Some thought too. It is thought saying ‘I am a seeker and I am not ready’.

    Nothing more to say, than to say thank you. 🙂

    • All sensation is a movement of energy.
      The world, the body, the thoughts, emotions and feelings are all sensations expressed and registering instantly and spontaneously.
      The mind interprets the sensations with learned words and a memory of a so-called ‘past sensation’- “I have had this sensation before and I don’t like it” etc. All sensations are actually unique, fresh and new. They may appear to be similar to so-called past sensations but they are all unique. As soon as we label them from memory with added conceptual ‘data’, which is also a sensation, it merges with the ‘original sensation’ and this mixture will appear to trap the ‘me’ in a pattern. The bondage of self is a total fiction but it is sensed as ‘real’. Leave everything as it is without referring to the ‘me of memory’ and see what happens. You may be surprised how simple life is, without the baggage of unnecessary mind interpretations.

      • The problem for any seeker….ANY seeker is the same problem.
        The problem is that the seeker is imaginary and the activity of seeking is obscuring the ever present actuality. The sense that there is something more to attain is due to erroneous beliefs, obscurations that cloud the clear and obvious nature of all things.

        The dream subject (the seeker) commonly called ‘me’ or ‘I’ has NO actual substance. Fear of being nothing prevents the investigation of the me, so it seems. Therefore, even logically, the seeming ‘subject’ that has no substance – how can it attach itself to any sort of ‘object’. It can’t. Therefore, in not recognising this, the seeking continues in vain. It is all a fiction.
        Very few ‘teachers’ will ever point this out because they don’t know it themselves or if they have some inkling of it, they don’t say, because it would put them ‘out of a job’.

        Let’s look at the subject-object nature – of any thing and every thing.
        The seeming nature of Duality.
        Remember that there is no duality in reality. One reality – Not Two!
        There is no subject that is an object in the actuality.
        The realm of objects is what we call the manifestation. The appearance of apparent things.
        The original subject is no thing – the un-manifest. Non-duality, one without a second, is no thing, both everywhere as everything and nowhere as no thing. Not two.
        If you look at your own eyes in a mirror you will not be able to perceive a looker or a see-er.
        That is because what sees is not a thing. You, as a believed entity cannot find the see-er.
        You are that which sees and that is nothing perceivable or conceivable.

        Therefore the search is useless and at best it is a nothing but a problem. Who’s problem is it? No one’s.
        The ‘I’ or ‘me’ is a fictional, imaginary ‘thing’.

        The message is not for some believed in entity. The essence of the message is for the intelligence that ‘appears’ to have forgotten what it is.

        The insight, which we could call a genuine insight is actually empty of any entity.

        Now, let me also point out that any insight, no matter what it be, is nothing more or less than a transient moment of seeing. Simply recognise that seeing is unceasing.

        So the question must be….what is it that seemingly prevents the aspirant from seeing ‘truth or reality?

        The answer is: The belief in being some thing that is separate.

        • Un-compromised pointing: No one wants it. Everyone wants to relate to a story or an image. So it seems. There is no relativity in reality. Relativity is duality.
          All experiences are Maya, the illusion.
          So called spiritual people imagine levels of understanding…and they place themselves on some imaginary ‘level’ that fits with their image of me and that fiction is their imaginary place in the scheme of things. All of that is limited conceptualisation. It is all imagination. Their bias remains hidden for them and yet it is quite obvious to anyone else (who can see clearly) The plain and obvious fact is that almost all gurus and teachers will have a seeker chasing some ideal ‘state of being’ and it is all nothing but patterns of belief with relative transient experiences attached. No static point or state can be found in any of it. It is so blazingly obvious no one stops to notice the true nature of their own attention. The attention is totally free. As is awareness. The attention is quite obviously an aspect of awareness. Awareness is not in bondage to anything. It is the believed in entity that carries an unnecessary weight of erroneous belief. Oddly enough it is the last thing they are willing to let go of. They would rather pretend to be enlightened than to let go of the image they have about themselves, which is a total fiction. No one wants to hear about this. As Nisargadatta says: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.