Can’t find the ‘I’.

‘We’ search in all the wrong places – even if they were the right places, you would not find the identity of the one searching.   The cognising is not to be found anywhere – it has no location – it is everywhere, without any exception whatsoever.   The instant of recognition, the moment one realises one’s true nature, cannot be explained with any words or concepts.  The identified consciousness cannot suspect the true nature of consciousness or awareness – because it is mechanical, cannot know anything by itself, and all it has is second hand words, ideas, concepts and images – and they are all appearances only.

The apparent problem is that you have taken yourself to be something that you are not.   Frustration ensues because of that error.

Reality does NOT appear. All ‘we’ have is appearance(s). Where the proposed ‘I’ is supposed to be there is clear emptiness. No one knows this. There is no separate someone that could know it.  The mind is limited, while naked awareness has no limits.  A speck of knowing, like a light beam, does not linger anywhere. It has no duration and cannot be grasped. The fleeting nature of the glimpses one may have are due to the clinging to concepts.  Contrary to almost all ‘teachings’ there is no benefit to be gained for anyone. So, do whatever you want – the Cosmos is not concerned. The elements that have been borrowed will be returned ‘one day’. The instrument cannot see, hear, taste or touch anything – without the life essence. LIFE is all there is.

  1. How to be unpopular. Tell it as you see and know it to be. When the knowing is clean and clear of beliefs, almost no one wants to hear about anything that is not woven with beliefs and the common point of view. There is no time to waste. Most teachings are useless and nothing but a waste of non existing time. The only ‘thing’ that frees the mind is the blindingly obvious ‘isness’. A profound insight flips all erroneous belief ‘out the window’. You can never go back to erroneous belief. It may seem hard at first because the ‘naked truth’ seems unbearable. But all choice of returning to ‘the way it was’ has dissolved completely. Relax – all unfolds just as it should.

  2. Your clear pointing may never be popular and for the masses but it cuts through all the rubbish for those who genuinely want to hear. So someone may hear it after all… It is true that it can be uncomfortable and no doubt scary to jump off into the unknown. And it is not possible to push anyone else off that ledge, they have to do all their own jumping!

  3. There is no you to jump…no where to jump from and no where to land…

    “Nothing has happened except a pin-prick of knowingness against the background of your innate nature of not-knowingness and this is of no help at all. ” 
    ~ Sri NIsargadatta Maharaj 

  4. Yes, that is the ultimate truth but there are appearances of jumpers and landers! It is not possible to talk about these things at all, really…

    • There is no mistaking the decisive insight. Once the mind has been seen through clearly and precisely the constant referencing to the ‘image of I’ or ‘me’ ceases to happen. The mind then appears to have a great deal of spaciousness. The anxiety, worry and many other so-called common features of an ‘individual’ do not engage belief. This way of being is so clear of belief it seems that one had been in a dream. But this is known as a mere ‘story about me’ and a so-called ‘past’ – which cannot have any substance, except as a memory being recalled or simply appearing NOW. There is no other time than now. ‘People’ cannot believe this fact because a ‘person’ is a story about time. And there is no time in the actuality of this immediate presence. Time is mind and mind is time. You are not in the mind. You are not a concept. You are not possessed by anything and your true nature is spaciousness – space-like awareness. It needs no description at all. Innately we all know this.

  5. Beautiful! Thank you!